Bodybeast: The Review



Bodybeast – Huge Beast is the single best program I’ve ever done. Get it. Commit to it. Follow it. Do not waiver and you will not be disappointed.

I did it. I finished Bodybeast. I claim this victory. It was hard won and worth every painful, sweat soaked moment. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, at least the fitness portion of it, you’ll know that I profess Nutrition, Sleep, then exercise as the most effective means towards a healthier lifestyle. As such, I’m going to break my review down into those components.


Nutrition is everything. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Most people think if they eat less then it makes sense you’ll lose weight. Wrong. You may lose some initial weight as your boy simply has too much of a caloric deficit, but you’re forcing it into starvation mode which will have a tremendous negative impact on your health. Diets suck. Never diet. If you want lasting results, create a healthy nutritional plan customized to your needs. You may think you eat healthy enough already. Wrong. You don’t. End of discussion.

The bodybeast nutritional program is great. I also recommend the P90X plan, or Insanity, or any other number of programs out there that have been researched and proven. You need to have a plan. Without a plan, how can you execute? Personally for my goals of mass building while maintaining low body fat, I prefer the Bodybeast Nutritional program as it is geared towards just that.

Stick to it. At first it will be a tremendous shock to your system. Believe me it will. You’ll have mood swings. Your mind will tell your body it’s hungry. Don’t listen to it! It lies. Did you know the sensation for hunger and thirst are the same to the brain? Think you’re hungry? Fill up on water. You’ll find out I’m telling the truth.

Do not treat the nutritional portion of any program as optional. Nutrition is the single most important part of a healthy lifestyle. I used to think like you might, about the diet part. Through this last year and the various bodybuilding programs I’ve tried, including Bodybeast, I’ve learned one thing – I eat more now than I ever ate as a fat guy. During the bulk phase of the program I was eating a whopping 5500 calories per day! There were literally meals where I thought I was going to puke from eating so much but was terrified to do so because it would just mean I’d have to eat all over again to get my calories. Somehow I made it through. My body adapted quickly, as it always does, as yours always will.

Don’t think you’ll be spending every evening cooking either. That’s not efficient. What I did was to cook/prep all my individual foods for the week, putting them each in their own container, then during the week would simply transfer what I needed to a meal container and take it with me. That’s about three hours per week of food preparation time. No excuses!

My final note on nutrition. I’ve worked with many people, online and offline, who seek better health. Some of them I’ve strictly focused on nutrition with. No exercise whatsoever and they’ve seen drastic results! Never underestimate nutrition. Seriously, just don’t do it.


I cannot stress how important sleep is. There is a misconception about exercise many have, that the harder you push, the quicker you’ll gain muscle, yada yada yada. You dont’ actually gain any muscle at the gym. Your body only makes gains while it rests and repairs. If you’re not giving your body the time it needs to repair, you’re not going to become stronger, plain and simple.

7 – 8 hours rest, same time every night. Whatever it takes. You may think your life is too busy to get this sleep. Really, you’re full of shit. My life is busy. Your life is busy. His life is busy. Her life is busy. We all make time for the things that matter to us. Make sleep matter.

Good sleep patterns increase emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. You’ll be deeply alert for longer periods. You’ll be more productive. You’ll have more energy. You’ll get more done in a day by enjoying a good sleep than by not sleeping regularly.

Buy yourself a Jawbone Up, or something similar, if for nothing else than the gentle, light sleep cycle, vibrating alarm. It’s an amazing way to wake up each morning. Loud, sudden alarms, yanking you from your valued rem suck. This isn’t 1942. Invest in something that will further your investment in yourself.

You need your sleep. I’m done arguing with your weak excuses.


Not a single Bodybeast workout exceeds an hour. As I’ve said before, you don’t have to spend hours at a gym doing stupid things. Short, efficient, workout routines are the key to your muscle development and fat loss. There is no better method for cardiovascular development than heavy weightlifting. Again, not arguing. If you believe otherwise, you’re simply wrong. If you’re offended, good. I’m here to challenge everything you believe because chances are, what you believe hasn’t worked for you so far, so shut up and listen up, ok?

The workouts trainer Sagi takes us through are brutal, and they never get easier. You’re always increasing your weight, always pushing your boundaries, and that’s a good thing. Don’t ever expect it to be an easy thing.

As for equipment, I found Bodybeast a little misleading honestly. It advertises itself as a home program. It isn’t. I used everything from 5 – 90 lb dumb bells during this three month program. Who has that kind of money to invest, or space for that kind of gear? No, to really yield the most from this program you’re going to have to hit the gym. Yes, people will stare. Get over it.

At first, I literally had people asking me why I did it. It looks rather insane and like I said, is incredibly intense. By about the 50th day in, I had people asking me how I did it, and slowly found others joining in with me as I did my workouts, very few able to finish. Use that as motivation.

Remember, people are idiots, ignore them. You’re doing this for you and you alone. Not them. Not me. Not anyone but you. You deserve it and you are all that matters.


By far the best program I’ve done to date. I’ve seen incredible results which I’m hoping to post soon and this program really taught me how to be disciplined with my nutrition, sleep, exercise and most importantly, attitude. I am a much better man now than before I started Bodybeast. In fact, I can’t wait to do this program again in 2013 as it definitely has a high repeatability factor. Also, I’ve only talked about the Huge Beast version, as that is what I did, but there is also a Lean Beast version, though I guarantee you even the Huge Beast program will lean you out something fierce.

This program isn’t about bodybuilding, though the guys doing it are super buff. Don’t sell it short. If you want to get fit, get Bodybeast. Period.

As a final note, I’ve been so impressed with both Insanity and Bodybeast that I’m seriously considering becoming a Beachbody Coach to help those in my area meet their healthy lifestyle goals.

Thank you, trainer Sagi.

2 responses to “Bodybeast: The Review

  1. Good information as always Roc, I hear you on the 5k+ calories days. Have those even if I’m out for only a few hours on the bike let alone a hundred mile+ ride.

    Keep up the good work and keep inspiring people whether they are eve players or not.

    • Thanks Dante. It’s always a struggle for me. Roc is a capsuleer and this blog is about his journey, and yet being fit is sooo Roc that I feel compelled to share his journey with everyone, Eve related or not. The best part has been the number of people that have asked me to explain “So who is this Roc Wieler?” and have ended up liking EVE Online as a result.

      CCP, if you’re reading, cut me a cheque from your marketing budget.

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