Huge Beast – Day 48


My neocom tells me I slept for 7:57 minutes with 5 hours of that being deep REM sleep. Good stuff.


Pre-Workout drink = 500mg arginine, 1500 mg BCAA, 1500 mg tribulus. Arginine increases vascularity, and who doesn’t want that look of veins popping out from under the skin? BCAA, or branched chain amino acid is the building blocks of muscle growth. Never skimp out on these. As for Tribulus, it tells the brain to create testerone. Aside from the random erection throughout the day, it’s also essential for muscle development.


Bulk Shoulders. This is gonna hurt.


I called it. See what happens when you psyche yourself out? The workout was killing me. When will I learn the lessons I preach? It’s all about mental attitude. No matter, I would push through and claim this victory.


My shoulders look massive in the mirror. Of course I look in the mirror. Sure, it’s part vanity, but it’s also parts assessment and motivation. Being able to see tangible results allows one to evaluate progress. Seeing that after workout pump also motivates to keep going each day.


Post workout shake. 1 scoop whey isolate protein, 93% pure. 1 scoop casein protein. 2 scoops glutamine. 500 mg vitamin d. 500 mg CoQ10. 1000 mg odorless garlic.

Protein aids in muscle development and recovery. The whey isolate gives instant nourishment to your starving muscles while the casein is a slow release mechanism to keep feeding your muscles for up to eight hours. It’s a winning combination.

Glutamine also aids in muscle recovery and immune function. Nobody wants to catch an illness while recovering from a workout.

As a capsuleer I don’t get a lot of natural sunlight. Maybe that’s why I’m so pale for a Brutor. Something to look into. I take the vitamin d because it’s the “happy” pill. How else do you think I a maintain such a cheerful demeanour?

CoQ10 is for joint and heart health. I’m not a young man anymore.

Odorless garlic is right up there with oil of oregano for preventative immune health. An easy an effective way to keep your immune system healthy and strong.


I sneak back into my quarters quietly knowing my special lady is still asleep. She hears me take my pants off and wakes up screaming “Assassin!”. I freeze for a moment until she rolls over and goes back to sleep. A few moments later a belch escapes me and I hear her mutter “Gassy assassin.” She makes me smile.


A quick hot shower and I’m ready to head to the flight deck for a long day of activity. Because it’s not guaranteed I’ll be in my pod today, and therefore not receive direct nutrition, it’s imperative I have food ready when I need it.

  • meal one = Kashi Go Lean cereal with green grapes and blueberries. Dark chocolate almond milk poured over it. Boost with Calories to wash it all down.
  • meal two = steamed salmon, steamed greens, walnuts, dark chocolate
  • meal three = cottage cheese, steamed veggies, soy beans, dark chocolate
  • meal four = grilled chicken, steamed cale, black olives
  • meal five = greek yogurt, no fat mozarella cheese, raw almonds

Each meal weighs in at 600 calories of healthy choices. It will meet my requirements for the day.

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