Huge Beast – Day 45


Bulk Legs. I know, you’re thinking same old, same old. The routines might be the same, but if you’re really doing it right, you’re steadily increasing the weights you use, pushing deeper into your form, and working hard with each and every rep. It’s a learning and growing experience every time.

Here’s an example of why this particular workout is quite trying.

  • quick warmup, including no weight reverse lunges to loosen the muscles
  • first set is a progression set of front/back lunges – 12/10/8 reps per leg. 90 second rest. 8/10/12 reps per leg. Do the same leg through all three sets, then work the other. Weights I used this morning – 2 x 20/25/30 dumbbells then reverse.

What is a front/back lunge, and why is it so devastating?

Watch at the 45 seconds mark. Now, the only criticism I would have is that your knee should never go in front of your foot. It looks like he doesn’t have enough room to do full lunges and is actually doing mechanical assist lunges, which are hard in their own right, but make sure you have enough room to do this exercise.

The key points are that he’s going front to back without stopping in between. If you get tired, or are still learning the form and balance, you can put your foot down as you stand, but not doing so really enhances the movement.

If you’re interested in the entire workout, give the rest of that video a watch. Also notice he’s using heavier weight than I am. I look forward to Day 79!

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