Huge Beast – Day 39

Bulk Shoulders

Some learnings to share thus far in the Bodybeast program:


The warm up is very short and if followed as is, I don’t believe it’s sufficient to get the heart going. The warmup always begins with a light jog. What I do instead is replace the light jog with full intensity high knees. I’ve found this gets my heart going more quickly and leaves me feeling loose and limber.


The worksheets give you good starting weights and trainer Sagi also voices the weight he uses for each set and often for the other two guys working out. Most of us guys want to just load up as much weight as we can. As trainer Sagi would say “We want to get huge in a hurry.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve noticed a very curious thing and learned from it.

The first set is really your warm up set. Due to the lack of a proper warm up routine, take advantage of this fact. Use light weights, as directed, and execute full form on our first set, slowly. Really work the muscles.

Your second set is your work set. I up the weights by 5 – 10 lbs depending on what I’m doing, and again, really try to focus on maintaining good form and tempo. I find this is the set that really starts to burn and test my limits. It’s easy to get sloppy or drop to lower weight, but focus yourself and really push. I’ve found this work set is the single most important set.

The final set is the heavy set, or fail set as I like to call it. This is where I load up the heaviest weight I think I can possibly muster. I don’t stay in my comfort zone. If I think I can do 50 lbs, as an example, I’ll load up 55 lbs, or 60 lbs. Again, I focus on my breathing, executing proper form and tempo. There are times I cannot complete the set from muscle exhaustion. There are times I do finish and my entire body is shaking. This is the set that really promotes the bulk muscle growth we’re all craving.


Simply put, don’t do it. There aren’t many routines to learn. I make sure all my weights are organized prior to hitting play. It takes about 5 minutes of effort to do so. Once I start the workout, there is no distraction, no quitting until I’m done. I rest when told to rest. I go when told to go. This is how you will see maximum results.


As I’ve mentioned previously, the Bodybeast cool down sucks bad. I substitute it for any Insanity cool down routine from the second month MAX series. When you work your muscles as hard as you will be in the Bodybeast program, it is imperative that you stretch sufficiently. Tight muscles are dangerous muscles, and not in a good way. Even if you do some stretches you’ve learned previously in addition to what Bodybeast offers, you’ll be better off for it in the long run.


Don’t get me wrong. Bodybeast is by far the best bodybuilding program I’ve followed to date. Between this and the insanity program, this old Capsuleer will keep my current clone strong and healthy for as long as possible.

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