Huge Beast – Day 37


Bulk Back. Always a challenge. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Overhead pull-overs on a bench. 70 lbs starting weight. Phenomenal exercise:

The only difference here and what I’ve learned from Trainer Sagi is to keep my hips up so I am straight from knees to shoulders, engaging my core. This prevents over-extending the shoulders. The movement is meant to be felt in the lats, not the shoulders.

It’s paired with wide grip pullups. Three sets of pullovers, 15 reps light weight, 12 reps medium weight, 8 reps heavy weight with a 8 rep light weight drop set. Doing this opener with 10 pullups after each pullover set is brutal. Brutor worthy even. Throw in that the only rest between sets is moving to position, and you’ll quickly learn why it’s effective.

I has of yet to do a single set of 10 wide grip pullups.

I had finished my first set of pullovers and 4 wide grip pullups with proper form, and as I dropped from the bar I heard someone in the gym yell “Lat pulldown!” It had never occurred to me before, but made perfect sense as soon as I heard it. I immediately moved to that machine, put 150 lbs on it, then finished my set, doing 6 perfect form lat pulldowns.

Let me tell you, I could feel the difference immediately on the next set of pulldowns. It was motivating. As I said, I have yet to do 10 wide grip pullups, but I have every confidence now that I will be able to soon. Working the back with those lat pulldowns was a brilliant idea. Thank you to whoever shouted it out to me.


Dynamic sets, progressive sets, drop sets, forced sets. It doesn’t take long when you lift serious weight to exhaust the muscles. Covered in sweat, I left the gym feeling like a million isk. One more day conquered.

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