To the Haters

There will always be haters. Foolishly, I spent far too much thought and emotion letting some of the more negative comments on my recent news exposure affect me. My mind had been whirling away at the various explanations I could provide, the arguments I could put forward for debate, the many things that could be said to those that think they know me from this singular exposure into one facet of my being. I felt the need to let them know that their comments can hurt, that I am a human being like anyone else, that yes, I have insecurities and confidences, that I am no different than them…

Then I started reading the stuff that mattered.

This is a good example for those of you out there who truly love gaming (as do I) but, for whatever reason find excuses not to work out and take control of your life through fitness and diet. Exercising can take as little as 30 minutes per day and if you improve your diet not only will you feel better about yourself, as you will definitely notice results (diet being just as important as exercise for many people) but, psychologically you will feel like a new person. Plus, you can be proud of the fact that you are a gamer who bucks the “heavy nerd” stereotype. There’s no reason we can’t love our games and love our bodies as well! – BBags21

Whatever works you know. Good for him. It’s tough to stay fit so if you can find something that motivates you so much the better. – BJJSchecter

Interesting article.  I think you are on to something and not just simply the physical part of things.  Attitude is also very important.  If one’s avatar is self-confident in themselves and their abilities yet always striving to improve themselves (progression raiding) why can’t we be like our avatars in real life in that way? – rosii

It’s been a few months since I’ve been out of rehab and clean. I now weigh at 273, my body fat has dropped from 35% to 27% and I’ve put on 7 lbs of muscle so far. My target is 230 with 12% body fat with 30 lbs of muscle. I’m getting there, feeling great, eating much like you described and well I’m my way. Your story will serve as motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing.

Just want to say thanks. – Jeremy

I am impressed and I will admit it, a little inspired. I’m in my 9th week of a heavy fitness regime and seeing what you’ve accomplished helps stay the course.
Fly safe. – lucky luigi

You’ve always been a motivation factor in game and in real life – especially your rules and commentary about the clearly obvious crap we always glaze over. Congrats on the article! – Gilbert Hamilton

Just read you CNN article. I gotta tell ya, this is a great story and you definitely have me thinking in a better direction. I, also, am an EVE player and so I can relate. Hats off to you and keep it up! Thank you for sharing your story! – Amechi Amanugi

I’m not a video game player, but this story gave me a kick in the pants. I shrugged off a workout this morning.
I had sort of lost that drive to turn myself into a superhero, BUT this story has given me that drive back.
This is definetely something I will be printing out to keep as a reminder.
Thanks!! – Bruce Lee (my super hero name)

Awesome work, Roc! It really got me thinking. I’ve recently crossed the 260 barrier, and it’s about time I fixed that. Going to see what kind of a goal I can set for myself between now and Fanfest 2013, and then see how long I can keep it going. Cheers, man! – John Albano

CNN article was very inspirational. I made a change this year as well. It’s hard to stay motivated but it’s stories like this that keep me going! – Ray Ranson

I read this at work on CNN just a bit ago. I use to play EVE Online. I’m really overweight and this made me feel better in that I am pretty sure I can do this too.
Thanks from someone outside the EVE community. – Lochaber

It goes on and on. There are those that get it. Those that understand why I do what I do, why there was an article in the first place. I am motivated by you. I am inspired by you.

Thank you for the awesome privilege of allowing me to be part of your journey.

As for the haters, I’ve decided I have something to say to you after all, something that has been said many times by far greater capsuleers than I:

Your tears sustain me.

8 responses to “To the Haters

  1. Buddy (I call you that out of respect for your EVE and fitness posts even though you don’t know me from a bar of soap),
    Don’t let the bad responses phase you. Do what YOU need to do to be happy and fulfilled. Have to admit I started following you for the EVE stories but your fitness challenge is a huge boost to your other followers too and I’ll freely admit I also read you othet posts even if I don’t have the same fitness drive.

    • Hey Roc, you just keep right on doing what you’re doing, it is evidently working brilliantly.
      Don’t let any that get to you, if bloody Jesus had a blog and twitter and posted about his activities he’d get flamed incessantly!

      Following your tweets and been reading your blog for a fair while now, and you’ve really helped me build and maintain a healthier lifestyle and better physique. Keep it up, can’t stop the Roc!

  2. I was really, REALLY, RE-HE-HE-HE-HEEEAALLY surprised to see YOU front and center on the CNN Health page the other day. That was really, REALLY bad-ass and a very well-written, inspiring article. 🙂
    Glad to see you, and EVE by extension, getting some good publicity in.

    As for the “haters” in comments, most of them were probably TESTes and Gewns just trying to troll you by pretending they don’t live in mom’s basement, playing comp games 60 hrs a week. 😉

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