Huge Beast – Day 17

There is such a thing as being judgemental. We all do it. Don’t deny it. Sometimes it’s to make ourselves feel better about our own inadequacies. Other times, it’s to remind of us of the life lessons we have learned and continue to do well with.

It was my chest and triceps workout. It hurt. I increased all the weights again, 10 lb increase for chest, 5 lb increase for triceps. I felt fantastic. Sore, but fantastic. There was no urge to puke, no urge to pass out. My muscles were close to fail, I sweat a lot, and I did it right. Not every workout has to feel like you’re killing yourself.

Speaking of judgement and killing yourself, I watched that same punk ass kid I mentioned previously do something incredibly dangerous. Apparently he was performing deadlifts. Let me show you what a deadlift looks like:

This is an 1,100 lb word record breaking deadlift. Notice there is good form. There has to be. Otherwise, you’ll snap. The pros know this.

So, punk ass kid.

He’s standing up on a bench, with about 185 lb barbell on the floor. With his knees locked, he bends from the hip past his toes and grabs the bar. I think to myself No way. Nobody is that much of an idiot. I was wrong. He then puts all of his balance and weight on the balls of his feet. A deadlift comes from the heels, using the legs and glutes to power up, then engaging the back. I waited for this kid to literally fall forward and do a face plant on the gym floor. I wondered if he would even let go of the bar in the process. He took a few deep breaths as his face turned red from it being lower than his hips for so long, then pulled the bar up in a super extended, incredibly foolish and dangerous dead lift type of maneuver. Knees locked, all from the hip.

If I EVER see any of you do something like this, I will smack the stupid right out of you.

I shook my head, laughing out loud, and left the gym, thankful I had nothing to prove to anyone but myself.

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