Huge Beast – Day 10


See that guy over there? The one grunting and looking like he’s all that? He’s an idiot. Why can’t he just come here like the rest of us and go through the motions so we at least feel good about ourselves? Why does he have to actually do it right and make me feel like a lazy ass?


Seriously, could he scrunch up his face any more? He’s gonna get wrinkles doing that. I bet he grinds his teeth. And who is he berating? Himself? And why does he keep calling himself Rock? Idiot. I’m going to go walk on the treadmill for a bit so I feel healthier.


Whew, my knees hurt. Enough of that. I’m healthy. I can’t believe this guy is still going. How is he sweating so much? Who sweats like that doing a weight workout? And why is he roaring? This isn’t animal kingdom. Maybe he should use less weight. Granted, I can’t knock his form. It’s perfect.


I cannot believe he just roared, then farted so loudly. It already stinks in here now. He dropped his weights to the floor. Can’t he read? There’s a sign that says not to do that. I’d be so embarrassed  He should just walk away, call it a day, realize his showing off isn’t impressing anyone. Ok seriously, he’s picking up slightly lighter weights and continuing? I hate this guy. I hate guys like him. I know his kind.


I’ve had enough. I’ve been here an hour. I’ve made my appearance and my conscience is satisfied. Half ass is better than nothing, right? He’s moved onto an ab workout. He’s too intense, but isn’t fooling anyone. Nothing but ego on gorillas like that.


What I didn’t know, and never would, was that he actually shat himself from exertion, while at the same time bursting a blood vessel in his eye, but refused to quit until he was done. He didn’t drop the weights on purpose. His shoulders gave out so he finished his sets with a lighter weight. I also didn’t know he went to the change room after his workout and dry heaved for fifteen minutes, puking out an empty stomach. It’s probably best that I didn’t know, as I wouldn’t really have gotten it. I’m not ready. I haven’t reached that same breaking point he has, where I’ve made the decision to improve my health and lifestyle, whatever it takes.

I’m just going to stay in my comfortable zone a little while longer.

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