Huge Beast – Day 1


Comfortable gym clothes. Check. Water supply. Check. Workout ready – Chest/Tris. Check. Ready to Beast Up! Check. Let’s do this!


I’m ready to die. Body wobbling uncontrollably. Must maintain proper form. Must increase weight. Sweating like a beast already.


Screaming at the top of my lungs. Good thing the gym is empty. Pushing with all I have. Can’t see from the perspiration in my eyes. Headphones won’t stay in due to slick ears. Can’t feel my triceps. Chest has given up. No more pushups. Next set? Decline pushups. Lovely. Dig deeper, only ten more minutes to go.


Whoever invented hot water is my hero. I have never experienced a more human pleasure than this steaming shower. My muscles crave it. I feel old and weak.


Toweled off. Still dripping in sweat. Having another shower.


It’s barely mid-morning and I’ve already eaten over 1200 calories. I feel like I’m going to puke. I know my body will adjust but damn. Body still shaking. Good workout.

For those of you not aware, today was the beginning of the Body Beast Challenge. Body Beast is the newest program from, designed to push you to gain 10 lbs of muscle in only 90 days. If today was any indication, I should be able to achieve that goal while maintaining my current bodyfat, if not lower.

Oh, that’s right. I haven’t checked in for a while. Current stats:

  • 184 lbs
  • 16% body fat

Yeah, I’m still working hard. Fanfest is coming far too soon and since it will be the last one I go to, I want to make sure Roc is there in full effect.

Some pics of my progress prior to this morning’s beastly workout. Enjoy, ladies.

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