The Brutor Max Workout … still in the works. Rixx Javix has been helping me with the graphic design; right now the delay is on me and my overly busy schedule as of late. Sorry Rixx. We’ll get it done.

I’ve had a few emails recently asking what is the science behind the Brutor Max Workout? There are many who don’t want to wait for the finished product; many that don’t want to wait for the Body Beast Challenge to begin on September 24th. I appreciate their enthusiasm and while I’d rather them just wait for either the program or challenge, so there is someone to be accountable to, I can never deny someone the knowledge to improve their lives.

I found a great article that explains the principle behind barbell complexes very well. It even has a few workout routines, with video, to ensure you’re doing things right. Be forewarned though – the form for complexes is critical – you will hurt yourself if you do not start with light weights and get the form absolutely perfect. Ask Double J – just last night we were discussing what could possibly be causing elbow joint pain as he beta tests the Brutor Max workout for me. It all comes down to proper form.


Another form of self-discovery that yields profitable and tangible results are EVE Online complexes. Much like barbell complexes they can be dangerous to the newly initiated without perfect form. It is far too easy to find one’s self overwhelmed without the proper preparation.

Complexes vary, but all are fun.

Here’s a quick guide to running EVE Online complexes.


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