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You know that you are part of the eveblog pack and not – supposedly – writitng a muscle-fixated advice-blog?
Its kinda annoying, part i can’t really just unsubscribe your blog.
Hope you go back to blogging eve-related,


Roc’s Rules #410


I appreciate any and all feedback. An audience holds you accountable. The cited evemail above left me feeling the need to explain a few things.

  1. Roleplay – Wikipedia defines Roleplay as taking the role of an existing character or person and acting it out (full definition HERE). For all intensive purposes, I am Roc Wieler, and this blog is about my journey as that character within the universe of Eve Online. This blog is not about killboards. This blog is not about pretty Eve Online screenshots. This blog does not regurgitate the latest Eve related news already shared on the main Eve Online site or other countless Eve Online blogs. This blog is my blog. This blog is about Roc Wieler and his immortal life. Mostly. Sometimes I will write about things that affect the real me. Sometimes the inspiration of Roc Wieler affects my life, and my life often affects his. Sometimes the line between “Eve is real” becomes blurred. The bottom line is that as Roc Wieler, my life in New Eden is about many things; it cannot be filtered to a single train of thought. To do so would be unfair to the character and would be unfair to roleplay. Roc Wieler was heavily involved within the militia during his initial tour of duty. Roc then found fulfillment through working out. He has also found music to be cathartic and I have written about that. Always though, there are two things to keep in mind when reading this blog: I write about Roc for myself, and for the community.
  2. My audience isn’t strictly Eve Online players, though I am always aware of my roots, as Roc Wieler is an Eve Online character. I’ve received many accolades from Eve players for my community events and my musical endeavours, as well as my Eve inspired artwork. I’ve received many thank you notes for changing the lives of pod pilots and norms alike for inspiring life change, for setting the example of commitment and consistency that has helped them change their own lives. My audience is a diverse one, and I like to think there is something for everyone here. And even though I write for my audience, my primary audience consists of one person, me.
  3. I am a member of the Eve Blog Pack. It is their decision to include my blog, and I am grateful. I have been a part of the Eve Blog Pack for a very long time, and consider that an honour. I write about Eve. It may not be your view or interpretation of how Eve should be written about, but it is mine. Even when I write about tying my shoelaces, it’s done in character, so intrinsically, it’s a part of Eve Online. I’m also an official Eve Fansite, having only just received notice of renewal from CCP Games, which now reviews fansites for appropriate content every three months. Both of these groups seem to think my blog meets their criteria. If they continue to do so, I am grateful. If they choose not to, it will not alter the principles of this blog.

Ovali, you’re not the only person out there who thinks my blog has gone astray at times. Late last year I was considering splitting my blog into two: one for Eve, one for fitness, but then a funny thing happened. Through the dichotomy of this blog I’ve managed to meld two audiences into one. I have Eve players that actively pursue fitness and I have fitness enthusiasts that have actually come to wonder about Eve Online and give it a try. It’s really a win/win.

I have recently been writing more Eve fiction, such as the GodKiller short story, and have started a new video tutorial series on how to work with Eve Online 3D assets within Cinema 4D. There is always more that could be done. Of course, I could justifiably write more about fitness, as at the end of the day when we come back from our fantasy and step back into the reality of our lives, most of us could be in better health. What greater thing could I hope to accomplish than to influence the fantasy and reality of someone’s life?

I thank you for taking the time to write me. I hope this gives you a better insight to me and why I am this way. My life is a journey. Eve is a big part of that journey. I hope it continues to be so for a very long time. I hope you continue to be a part of it.

3 responses to “Roc’s Ramblings

  1. As Noise says, keep at it Roc, overall I feel item 2 answers it best (with or without your last sentence. It is good that people both sides of the “issue” are willing to look over the fence (to horrendously mangle some metaphors).

    Please keep the mix of Eve and fitness (written in the character of Roc and his crew/compatriots). After only you and the characters know who is an Eve character looking at fitness and who is a real life person you are discussing fitness with, they all work together.

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