Aasim & Braun – Day 0

Sweat began to slowly drip from my brow, a clear indication that my body was starting to warm up. I took deep breaths as I continued the movements, pushing faster than the first cycle, still maintaining my form and breathing, always more important than speed.

“Alright, let’s push through the second round and get this warm up done.” I said during a strong exhale, my voice filled with command inflection.

Aasim stopped dead in his tracks, his face covered in sweat, his breathing taxed and heavy. He put his hands on his knees, looking for stability. “Warm up?” he asked weakly trying to find his breath, a look of disbelief on his face.

I smiled.

“That’s right, son.” I said, pushing forward with the warmup. “We’ve got three rounds to do, each faster than the last. You need to activate those muscles to prevent injury, get the blood flowing, get that oxygen pumping. If you’re going to do this, do it right.” To be fair, it took me several exhales to say all that.

Aasim picked it up again. To his credit, he focused on his form, trying to mimic the movements I was doing. It was all completely foreign to him. You see, he had never exercised before …

Aasim was one of my crew. He had always been eager and capable at his job, and I had noticed. While not a capsuleer, he still held value to my daily operations, and if I could help equip anyone for success, I would make the time to do so. Aasim had signed up at one of the station’s smaller gyms, and asked me to come educate him on fitness. I was only too happy to oblige.

Two goals for this workout were in my mind:

  1. break his body
  2. break his mind

Braun continued pushing herself, her form strong, her breathing laboured. She had a defiant look that said she would not be giving up without a fight. Braun was part of the corporation I belonged to though I seldom interacted with her. Still, she had transformed herself wonderfully and had wanted me to teach her about heavy weightlifting to further her success.

Two birds, one stone.

“Ok, third round, fast as you can go without sacrificing form.” I was in a full-out sprint, my vision stinging from the sweat pouring into my eyes. As was always the case, I found myself pushing harder than usual to impress. It was one of the many benefits of working out with others.

Aasim stopped yet again, panting, gasping, giving up. Goal number one accomplished.

Braun had to stop, catch her breath, then picked it up again as soon as she had breath.

I refused to stop at all, to set the best example possible. I pushed myself harder. It hurt.

After the warm up, we stretched, another essential and preventative measure.

“Now who’s ready to workout?” I barked, genuinely laughing. I felt fantastic. Braun smiled and I knew she was ready. Aasim, to his credit, didn’t back down from this daunting challenge to his life perception.

I showed them both proper form for a six exercise circuit, the as of yet unreleased Brutor Max Workout. Don’t worry, my various guinea pigs are showing great success with this routine and I am hoping to release it soon.

The basics:

  • six heavy compound exercises
  • 30 seconds to complete one full circuit
  • 2 minute rest between circuits

We are all different. We all have different strengths and different weaknesses. Aasim was weak in different areas than Braun. I worked with them both to correct form where needed, motivate where needed, push where needed, assist where needed.

They survived.

Then I handed Aasim two 5 lb weights and we focused on his weakest area, shoulders. I had him hold them up at 90 degrees then do press pulses. I held my own hands just below the 90 degree mark and told him if his elbows touched them even once, he would have to do it all over again.

Goal number two accomplished. His mind broke. His fear of having to repeat the exercise when his body had nothing left to give numbed him to the fact that he was about to do a fail set anyway.

He did admirably, and when he finally did touch my outstretched hand with his elbow, I was proud of him. He had learned how to utilize his willpower, which was the key learning of a healthy lifestyle.

Braun had a different weakness, deep squat form, so we focused on that. She understood form. She understood the mind. She pushed herself as hard as she could, until she was screaming about cramping. Finally she stopped and stood up.

I challenged her. “You’re still standing. That means you had more to give.”

I could see her digesting that and knew she would push herself even harder next time.

After we finished our post workout stretch, cooled down, changed, and were heading out, Aasim thanked me profusely. He talked about a complete mental shift in his life perspective, how he could see this as a life altering event in so many ways.

I smiled, told him he was more than welcome, and thanked him again for the opportunity to train with him.

Will he be successful? Was this really his life defining moment? I guess we’ll all find out together.

As for Braun, I’m not worried about her in the least. She stayed to workout some more. I’ll be there when she needs motivation, happy to answer any questions she has, more than pleased to workout with her again, and have every confidence she will continue to further transform herself.

Are you ready to transform yourself yet?

3 responses to “Aasim & Braun – Day 0

  1. Yesterday, was definitely the turning point of my life – I wasn’t too sure if I will ever be able to take this first step. It was not easy and it changed my perspective completely. The most valuable lesson I learned from the experience was that it is all in the mind – not the body. If I can defeat my mind and overcome my fear, I will succeed. Seeing our Colonel working out was inspirational – he kept on motivating us yet not stopping for even a second – sweat was dripping off his face, but he kept on going until the very end – and all with pure passion, focus and determination. I feel honored and privileged to be part of this experience and I know there is a long way to go – It is not going be easy, but yesterday will always stay with me as my first step to a new life style. Thank you Colonel for inspiring, motivating and teaching me!


    • No problem, kiddo. It’s funny, we’ve all heard that phrase about that first step being the hardest, they just never tell you it’s off of a cliff.

      Let me know when you want me to come with you again. Good times.

    • This sort of thing is good to see. Well done A.Asim for sticking at it, and full props to Roc for giving a hand with the motivation/support.

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