Roc’s Rules Hardcover Edition

Many of my followers have enjoyed Roc’s Rules over the years, and for that, I thank you. Sometimes they are based on inspiring events that have occurred to me; sometimes they are tongue and cheek, sometimes they are contributed by others and reworded to how I would say them.

Since I hit 365 rules, I’ve been looking at doing a 365 day calendar, featuring a rule, a short story surrounding the rule, and perhaps even some custom 3D artwork. Once I set out along this path, I quickly realized doing 365 interesting 3D pieces surrounding EVE Online and Roc Wieler was a herculean task for my current skills. I began thinking about other ideas.

Most recently I found a quality book publishing site that will do publishing on demand for a small fee. With InDesign templates available for layout, and a little help from some very talented designer and typographer friends, I’ve decided to see what kind of interest my fans, and fans of EVE Online would have in such a book.


The current idea is to feature my favourite 100 rules from the Roc’s Rules series. While not all inclusive, this would hopefully engender enough interest in readers to come to this blog and read the rest of the rules. I think it’s smart marketing for Roc.

I’ve also approached my friends at CCP, asking if I could have access to the same tool EON magazine uses to create such beautiful artwork for their publication. I’ve also asked CCP about the legal implications of creating such a book, featuring much terminology from New Eden within my stories, as well as portraying some of the beautiful ingame artwork possible within EVE Online. There may also be a spattering of custom 3D artwork by me as well.

CCP is currently consulting with its legal team as to how this would even be possible, if at all. Of course, I already know that even if it should prove possible, there needs to be enough interest for them to invest in this. No, I’m not asking them for any direct help, but it is their intellectual property, and therefore they have a vested interest in the profitability and quality of the end product. I understand that completely.

While I wait to hear back from CCP, I thought I’d turn to my fans, see where their minds and hearts are at, see if there is enough interest in this endeavour. It’s my own little kickstarter project. I’m not putting it on Kickstarter at the current time, but would simply ask for you to use the Share via Twitter button on this post or tweet the custom message below:

C’mon @CCPGames @HilmarVeigar Help @rocwieler make his book! #eveonline #tweetfleet

I’m also open, as always, to comments, feedback, critiques and opinions in the comments section below.

10 responses to “Roc’s Rules Hardcover Edition

  1. I’d be interested, as it is something I’ve considered. Not having a twitter account, I’ll just have to leave the supporting comment here.

    However, if you can’t get CCP permission, then you’ll just have to feature your own artwork and only use Roc’s rules that don’t have direct CCP/EVE Linkages.

  2. As much as my mind does a :D-face at the prospect of moar Roc, I recall that some of the Rules, ah, can be attributed to other authors. I remember seeing one that I’d definitely seen on Schlock Mercenary, for example.
    Are you going to filter out those if this goes through?

  3. I definitely want to see it happen!!! I’ll tweet it too!! Just wanted to remind you that you were supposed to give me some pics at FF…….but sadly…..and very depressed I left Iceland without any! **sniff sniff*……but I’ll get by.

  4. Been watching your posts for a while after Jack Carrigan pointed me here and I’m pleased to say I like what I see (I really enjoyed your review of Fanfest this year BTW).

    If you put out “Roc’s Top Hundred” (and I’m trade marking that badboy too…..) I’d definitely be interested if nothing else for the shits and giggles I get from when I read your stuff and some of the responses.

    Keep up the stirling work mate.

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