Voting is open. Voting is important. Vote Roc.


As with real democracy, it is important that people vote. Why?

  • It is not safe to assume your candidate will have enough votes without yours. Make your vote count and vote for your candidate.
  • Power Blocs do NOT control the voting. There is no way any bloc candidate can verify their people vote for them. Voting is completely anonymous, so again, vote for your candidate, regardless of what anyone else says.
  • Don’t vote right away if you haven’t taken the time to consider every candidate. While there may appear to be some obvious choices, be informed. Research what is important to you and only vote then.


I’ve led a passive campaign thus far. No smear against others, no loud voice bellowing for votes and why my views are better than others. I believe voters are intelligent and can figure things out on their own. Still, it’s important to get my name out there, and I know you’ve been helping with that. A couple of quick links for you of interviews/debates I’ve been involved in, as well as my official CSM 7 blog post:


CSM 7 Voting is open from March 7 – March 21, meaning the process is currently under way. Here is a handy quick link for you to ROC THE VOTE


For those of you that have already been out to #RocTheVote you have my thanks. Don’t stop with just your vote(s) though please. Influence those around you – corp/alliance mates, fleet mates, local strangers, blogs, forums, whatever it takes – getting me elected is NOT a done deal until my name is announced at Fanfest.

11 responses to “CSM 7 – VOTE

  1. You got my vote, Roc.
    Even though it seems that your answers on the campaign match site got only 49% compatibility with what i selected, I believe that you will do what is right if elected for CSM. It is a long shot, but you never know stranger things have happenned. Stick to your strengths and you can be an unstoppable force EvE or no EvE.

    PS: more heroic music please, dance mixes are cool, but heroic rocks more.

      • Actually this new music platform would probably work much better than you think. To me it speaks louder than any of your competition could ever master. Like I said, stick to your strengths.

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