CSM7 – Bring It

Seems it’s that time of year again to get political…

As per usual, there are many good candidates, and some not so good. There are already many involved in what ultimately degenerates into a popularity contest, with fans and detractors misquoting and twisting words to suit their agenda.

Some things never change.

Change is always what is needed. That is the cry of every good politician. “I will bring change.  I will get your voice heard. I will hold CCP to task.” We’ve all seen how that works out, for better and worse.


So why vote Roc? If you dig into my campaign stance last year, you will see I had opinions on a lot of the hot topics. I still have opinions, though some have matured this last year, while others I remain steadfastly the same about. As always, I bring passion and drive to everything I do.

My campaign message is a simple one this year: community & accountability.

Community is my greatest strength, my greatest love in this game. I’m all about community.

Community can be defined as players interacting with players. It can be extended to include CCP interacting with players. It can be used to describe individual segments, such as third party developers, or nullsec alliances, or game mechanics, or any of the topics we all will be engaged in, should my candidacy be accepted.

In the end, it’s about community. In the end, I’ve also stood for that which is our greatest asset.

Vote Roc and you vote for community.

Accountability is the consistent action of keeping one self in plain sight, come good or bad. If you’ve ever followed this blog then you know that I believe in accountability.

Vote Roc and you vote for accountability.

Plain and simple.

Every player wants to know the views of their potential candidate, what they believe in. Questions like:

  • What is your opinion on 0.0 Sov mechanics?
  • What is your opinion on the state of risk/reward in lowsec?
  • What is your opinion on using Faction Warfare to test 0.0 Sov mechanics?
  • What is your opinion on botting?
  • What is your opinion on high-sec wardec mechanics?
These same questions come up year after year. If the CSM is doing such a great job, why do the hot topics remain the same? It’s because the “how” isn’t being addressed properly. Nearly every player knows “what” to be fixed, and every CSM candidate will give you their opinion, their stance, their great idea for the game. Not Roc.
I focus on the how. I focus on making sure that all the great community ideas that come to the CSM table are considered, that any item to be implemented into our beloved has thoroughly been thought out from every angle. Should problems arise, I am more than capable of helping to problem solve, hopefully to the point where the CSM has a well thought out stance on every topic that is important to our constituents.
I’m just tired of seeing the same topics year after year. Either CCP doesn’t care enough to make it a priority, or hasn’t figured out how to make it work. To me, the how matters.

EDIT: Apparently to finalize my nomination, CCP requires I receive 100 likes in my candidacy thread on the EVE forums HERE. Please go give it a Like. Thanks.

7 responses to “CSM7 – Bring It

  1. I like your edit there Roc

    If you are going to run for the CSM you should at least learn how to get elected maybe?

    Anyway, i’m pretty sure this is where i tell your readers to elect an idiot from hisec instead of nulsec


    • The reason I left it as an obvious EDIT instead of just editing the text is because I think it’s a stupid requirement.

      But yes, feel free to tell my readers anything you want. That is your prerogative.

      As for me, I have no need to lower myself to name calling. I stand on my merits.

      Good luck in the election.

  2. If I were still playing EvE I would vote for you, Roc. Unfortunately I cannot spend as much time on this game as it seem to require from its players. High sec is too boring, Null sec is too demanding, both seem to attract some very self-entitled individuals. Bears want to grind in peace, while griefers want their “tears”. No middle ground, really.

    If you, as a CSM member could make EvE a little more casual friendly that would go a long way in getting the votes you need.

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