OOC – Random Letter to my wife

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m actually quite the romantic. Of course, I try to bring passion to all I do in life, but it’s a double edged sword – sometimes I bring that passion others admire and love, sometimes it’s a harsh and unforgiving anger.

Still, I like being passionate, romantic, loving, raging, random. It keeps things lively for my darling wife.

I rarely talk about my real life here, as this is Roc’s blog, but I just finished writing my wife an email, as we often do throughout the day, just to say hello or what have you.

Of course, hello would be too easy…

Geez, my area stinks like all my meat farts, he thinks to himself as he shifts in his seat, a fresh waft of stale gas escaping from the cushion to assault his olfactory.

He looks outside, sighing audibly at the heavy snow which has been constantly falling since early in the morning, blanketing the city in a thick, wet sludge of disaster. Ordinarily he loves the snow, and fond memories of time well spent with his red husky, Taniqua, spring vividly to his mind. He misses his buddy. It’s hard to believe he has been dead for almost four years this April.

He stops himself then, knowing he can talk about Taniqua for days, never realizing that his original point had been about the falling snow. Yes, he loves the snow, but not in the city. Here, it’s a danger, and an eye sore – thick, black gunk that fails to remind drivers of how potentially lethal every moment in bad weather can be. Of course, that could probably just be because people are inherently idiots. He chuckles, realizing he is still off topic.

The point he is trying to make is that for the first time since he had started his new job, things were almost under “control”. He uses quotation marks to emphasize that it’s a bunny eared statement, likely to change by the time he has even finished composing this email to his beautiful wife.

Still, all he has been able to think about throughout the day is that it’s a terribly cold, miserable night outside, and how much he wants for nothing more than to cuddle under a velour blanket in front of the fireplace with his loving spouse. It’s part of what had motivated him to finish his work so diligently.

The other part had been due to the fact that he felt like an old man, his body aching from his failed workout earlier that morning. He’s been on a heavy weight program, and it’s been showing a lot of impressive results, but still, there are times he can’t do what is required, and fails. It doesn’t bother him too much – failure is as much a part of growing as success. Too often has he seen younger men overdo it, resulting in bad form, and worse, injury. He refuses. He knows when enough is enough, even though he’s willing to push himself further than most, provided his form never suffers.

So yes, he feels old, and achy, and easily sidetracked. Really, all he wants is some warm cuddles with his beautiful lady.

He smiles, thinking what a great story he’s reading/writing, and how thankful he is that it’s a piece of non-fiction better than any fantasy he could ever have.

Yeah, I don’t do anything the simple way.

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