CSM 7 – Lost in Eve Debate

There’s something to be said for drunkenness. It brings about a certain, a certain relaxation that allows one to express themselves freely. Of course, that is what it seems like at the time, then you listen to the actual recording and realize you were a drunken boob.

At least I had an excuse. Seleene was sober.

Now to be fair, I blame Jade. The podcast was late to start, and I was told to grab my favourite beverage and sit tight. To me, that translated to “Get some hard liquor going, you’re going to need it.”

Given that I was debating with Seleene and Two Step, two people I respect and admire greatly, alcohol was an excellent choice of weapon.

The debate was a lot of fun, was very educational, and the conversations off the air afterwards were very rewarding.

You should vote Roc. Failing that, at least consider Two Step or Seleene.


18 responses to “CSM 7 – Lost in Eve Debate

  1. lol I thought you handled yourself well. But I didn’t expect the easy confidence to throw them so off at times – But i’m NOT DONE! I agree with that changes being forceful is not necessarily a good idea, but inevitable? It probably isn’t a good idea if anything is presented with such a shaky welcome. But one thing is clear…Grind Mittani worship to the ashen afterMATH OF INTIMIDATION!! And make fun of him for being goofy when he drinks. He, too, couldn’t resist the temptations of Jade.

    Drunken Mittens always ends up talking about Skyrim…

  2. Never read your blog or heard of you in game, but your debate performance brought me here. Drunk or not, it was clear you have rare qualities and a perspective that is sorely needed on the CSM. Your campaign strategy seems pretty risky, but hopefully enough people get it.

    Good luck

  3. Hi Roc,
    While I admire your music, fitness and RP efforts very much, I found your CSM campaign very hard to get excited about. Sorry, but speaking for the players has to be more to the point than what you have presented so far. We do not expect you to fix the game, but you should have an opinion about it and that is what counts in my book. I listened to your debate on Lost in EvE and while it was entertaining, the “speak for the players to get things communicated” is not enough. I have resub to EvE, again, and I was looking forward to vote for you, colonel.

    So please do not disappoint us with all that political talk about “power to the players”, and get to the point, speak up your mind loud and clear about issues that we care about, so that we would know what exactly we are voting for.

    • I always appreciate honesty, so thanks.

      Sadly, I may not have communicated my position accurately, so let me do so now.

      I support ALL aspects of the game. No one group is of more importance to me than another. I will not fight for wormholes. I will not for Factional Warfare. I will not fight for nullsec. I will not fight for any one thing.

      I will fight for everything that is right, and on the table for discussion with CCP.

      If it’s not on the table for discussion and should be, I will work tirelessly with the CSM to make sure we have a unified position on any given matter, then bring it to the CCP table.

      So please don’t misunderstand me. I have many passions, many ideas, many critiques of many ideas, on many topics ingame.

      If my stance of accountability isn’t for you, then it isn’t for you. I understand that. I truly do.

      To some, a particular topic or two is more important to their individual game style. I don’t hold that against anyone.

      I just really am a big picture thinker. I’m looking at things as whole from the top level down to the granular challenges.

      At least you’re voting. That is what is important.

      • You gotta give him a situation guys, so he can take a position. Roc, let us use the factional warfare aspect of the game and bounties. Should they be player or npc governed. Both? Should players be accountable, pirates by factional space, or should we join npc factions for this? You were a mission runner with deep ties to Minmatar, I would like to hear your view on how the battles felt for you, empty or fulfilling? How can we change this?

        • I can tell you that when I first experiences faction missions, I expected to be placed in a “battleground” or red zone of sorts, coming from WoW, WAR, a little Ultima and Rift, Hellgate and RTS’ since C&C original and Homeworld. I’ve been around. EvE’s pvp has seemed more Wild West than anything. I would like to see territorial grids similar to Global Agenda. I would like to see pvp income from enemy kills, as rewarding as Exp from murdering your enemies, Warhammer style and Faction points like a currency similar to WoW’s Honor points and Warhammers Realm vs. Realm. I feel EvE’s pvp is reduced to grudge matches and vendettas.

        • Factional Warfare hasn’t changed in a long while, part of the reason I have been a retired Colonel so long.

          My thoughts on FW haven’t changed since this post: http://goo.gl/2zB8Z

          Since that time, however, I have read many good posts on Bounty Hunting and Smuggling, and as a five year smuggler in Star Wars Galaxies, and someone who started out in Eve trying to be a smuggler, I have a certain affection for that as well.

          I think the dynamic content system in the linked post addresses your first point about factional warfare, but again, I wouldn’t be proposing, I would simply be introducing it as one idea of many, picking it apart as thoroughly as I would critique any other plan presented.

          I’ve also played around a little bit in Global Agenda, Ultima Online, WoW and Homeworld – it’s good to be familiar with game mechanics outside of Eve. That is partly why I will be playing TERA Online when it comes out May 1st, as it is introducing something new that may be of interest as well, but that will come later.

          As far as “battlegrounds”, I actually like the way FW works in that regard, open to anyone, though I do think there should be a larger NPC deterrent to non-militia personnel entering plexes, but again, that is idea of many to be thrown on the table.

  4. Thanks for the clear response, now I have to think about it some more.
    While you are beating all other candidates with your charisma/persona presentation, it is the ideals of your character(RP) that rings warning bells in my mind, because idealists tend to be easily manipulated or twisted by the powers that be.

    I do belive that you will work tirelessly with CSM on whatever issues they present to CCP, howver, it is the CSM agenda that concerns me more than your dedication. If all issues are going be presented by the power block mouthpieces then who is going to be speaking for the little guy?

    Usually in politics people do not vote for who they like(because those have no chance in hell to get elected), they vote for who is going do the least damage, which seems to not work very well, but that is what politics is all about, lies and more lies.

    • Roc was the only one in this podcast debate that refused to support game changes based on a general consensus, or by the popularity of one idea over another simply because of a vote. I would not like to see supercaps nerfed further, as these pilots adapted to the change by violating their entire fit to make up the tracking nerf. What would it cost to run a disruptor boat that can disrupt all to hell up to FIVE of them if they are already fielding mass sub-fleets? If anything lower their Scan Rez to give smaller boats a better chance to close in.

    • I have never been one to bend due to my ideals. I believe in ideals. I believe they are called that because they are ideal. Why anyone would want less than what is ideal is beyond me.

      If anything, the fact that I am so strong in RP should encourage you to vote for me. Here’s why.

      I believe RP should be left to players. I believe CCP should continue to enrich the lore of EVE giving us a reference for our RP, but personally I don’t want to ever see a “RP Expansion.”

      Now, this is where my role on CSM comes in. I’ve told you my point of view. Some would vote for or against me now based on that personal opinion, which then potentially wastes the potential I am offering to the CSM.

      Let’s say a player, or a CSM member, or CCP comes up with a really interesting idea for RP. Let’s say this idea gets interest from every stakeholder involved and makes it to a brainstorming discussion, or CCP has the idea fleshed out already and just wants to inform us of the CSM.

      That is when I shine. That is when I can look at it from all angles, figure out the impact on other systems, short-term and long-term, and point out any potential flaws in the approach. In the end, my goal is to provide a solid belief in any future game enhancement CCP brings, and conversely, to oppose vehemently any future game enhancement that cannot be made solid.

      Does that help clarify my value to CSM for you a little better?

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