CSM 7 – How I would fix the game

TL;DR – I wouldn’t; I’m not a game developer. I do have a voice however.

I am a player. As a player there are continually broken mechanics that directly affect my game style. It irritates me to no end. I immediately think of a dozen ways to improve the broken system, then head to the forums to troll!

Once there, of course, I see that this broken mechanic has already been identified, and sometimes there are multi-page threads with ideas far more brilliant than mine as to how to fix said busted shit.

Then I pull back my world view to a universe view and start considering how these ideas affect other gameplay systems. Most times, I can find the things others didn’t think about, the ramifications down the road that would greatly further imbalance were this “fix” to be implemented.

Sometimes I can’t even seem to find an answer, and then it hits me. Maybe that’s why CCP hasn’t fixed it all yet. Maybe that is why some of these issues have been around for nearly a decade. It simply isn’t a profitable risk to brute force a solution; that would inevitably lead to mass dissatisfaction or worse, completely busting the game beyond recovery.

Is there an answer?

For some issues the answers can be obvious, which leads to other realms of debate as to why solutions haven’t been implemented, but we all know the shiny answer to that.

For other issues the answers are hidden; perhaps just out of reach or perhaps years away. The key is to be able to identify risks and make sure a plan is in place before implementation occurs.

That’s me. I’m that guy. I plan. I assess risk. I architect information. I see the entire chessboard. Think macro level.

That’s not to say I don’t care about individual (micro) issues. It’s to say that I think bigger.

And I’m still learning. I’ve spent the last year involving myself in things I haven’t been too familiar with in order to better see our universe as a whole. And I’m still not there.

If I was, I wouldn’t want to be part of a great body like the CSM; I’d want to rule the universe all on my own. Simply put, I’m not that egocentric. I know it takes more than one.

Let me be a part of the CSM.

Vote Roc.

2 responses to “CSM 7 – How I would fix the game

  1. “It simply isnโ€™t a profitable risk to brute force a solution; that would inevitably lead to mass dissatisfaction or worse, completely busting the game beyond recovery.”
    But that’s what CCP’s BEEN doing, Roc. For YEARS, apparently. Granted I’ve only been around a couple years, and even I have seen it (Incursion-GCC/RR-grief and its arbitrary “fix”, anyone?) firsthand.

    As an apparent RPer, you of all people should be with me on the concept of creating “prime fiction” and fleshing out a backstory, WHY things are the way they are — to place a canvas and provide paints and brushes for players to create with… as it is CCP has provided a blank wall, a couple cans of spray-paint, and some sharpies, and wonders why players are producing “street murals” instead of Monet or Rembrandt repros.

    Even CCP themselves have admitted to not knowing at times what direction they want their game to take, instead thinking up :coolideas: and how to implement them rather than thinking about how said :coolidea: is going to fit in the overall game, and what impacts it will have.

    Meh, I’m repeating my latest blog post. Read if ya like, I think you might like the overall tone if not the actual wording or specifics.

    PS–still with ya on The First 30. ๐Ÿ™‚ Subbed day 9? 10? of your PTs for a day of power-hiking up steep hills with my line pack for hours, simply because with the start of season looming closer every day, I do have to start doing some stuff that’s specific to my job. Also got the gf started on it, she’s on day 6 or 7, already lost almost 5lbs from the last time she weighed in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • See, to me, you’re talking about Brute Force iterations, which have also failed because they lack direction and planning, as well as being out of touch with what players really have been wanting.

      What I am talking about with Brute Force is investing in the bodies to fix it all at once. Could you imagine that gamble?

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