After Hours: Vol. 1 Anthems

Well one good thing about being unemployed for the last four months is that it has given me the time to learn many things I have wanted to learn over the last several years. I believe that even as immortals, it is imperative for us to continue to grow. If we look to nature, we will see there are only two states that exist, growth and decay. Things never stay the same naturally. That is something we inflict upon our sphere of influence as humans.It was Fanfest 2011 where I was invited to DJ some of my Mendre tracks at the Party at the Top of the World, alongside the ever popular DJ AlienHand. Unfortunately, that was one skill I lacked, so politely had to decline. It saddened me, as it would’ve not only been a great way to promote my music, but probably would’ve ended up being a lot of fun. This year, things will be different. To that end, there are a couple of notes of appreciation I would like to give:

  1. OOC: The first goes to my very talented brother in law, Atif-i. He’s a local, in demand DJ, and his music and style is very modern and unique. I’ve learned much from his personal tips as well as just listening to his phenomenal tracks. You should do the same by clicking THIS link.
  2. The second thank you goes out to Algoriddim software, the makers of some fine DJ software. Specifically, I purchased their popular DJAY app for my iPad2, and have learned a lot just by playing around. A large part of that learning experience has gone into this latest album.

Speaking of which, that is what this post is about, my upcoming album; my FIFTH album. It amazes me every single time. What often starts off one single melody line I hum in my head inevitably turns into more. One day I may be swayed to put together a B Side album, containing all the tracks that end up on my virtual editing room floor.

The album is entitled Mendre: After Hours Vol. 1 Anthems, and is just that. Twelve tracks of heart pounding club anthems, with my own personal style, mixed live in DJay, then remastered within my digital audio suite. They are the songs that make you get up from wherever your sitting and move your ass to the dance floor. They are the songs that make you sweat. They are the songs that make you enjoy being alive.

And if the sweating part doesn’t bother you, they are the songs you run to, the songs you workout to, the songs you have Brutor style sex to. The beat is constant throughout the entire album, and they are easy to mix into other tracks with lots of lead-in and lead-out for your pleasure.

I’m in the final stages of production, mastering the audio levels to be consistent across all tracks, making sure that everything is being heard the way it should be.

My aim is to have it released before Fanfest.

There will be site badges available soon, and as always, I appreciate your support in promoting my efforts. My fans have been the greatest, and for that, you get the biggest note of appreciation of all.


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