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“Reykjavik, I am in you.”

Come March 19th, those will be the words I utter.

Exciting news, I’m going to Fanfest 2012.

I had looked into creating a donation site to try to raise money from my fans, my friends, EVE players, and really anyone that wanted to give me some money to go to Fanfest. Unfortunately, it was one of those scenarios where I would’ve had to spend money to potentially make money, and while I’m all for that, things have been tight as of late, and Fanfest hasn’t been high on the priority list.

My loving wife, the incredibly talented, ambitious, beautiful, personable, supportive, caring, kind, generous Farah the Iqbal surprised me only yesterday with an itinerary for Fanfest 2012.

I’m still smiling.

As the title of this post indicates, I’ll be staying at the Arnarhvoll hotel, minutes away from Harpa, the new location of Fanfest. I know already that a few CCPers are excited to see me attending, and a few that are already cringing in their cubicles at CCP, wrought with fear.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some swag together, as is a Fanfest tradition. No promises.

Hopefully, Reykjavik will be stocked up on beer and cigars.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

12 responses to “Arnarhvoll

  1. Where is the donation page!? U must drink in my name! Someday I’ll go and kill meeself an ugly reindeer and wear its horns as I cook it for all my fellow nerds!

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