#Roctoberfest Event the Third Winner

Firstly I need to apologize for my tardiness in this post. I overdid at the gym yesterday and injured my lower back quite significantly. No fun at all.

On the plus side, we only had one entrant in this contest; I guess nobody thinks they can be like Roc. Well, nobody except Jack Carrigan. Hardly any surprise there.

So Captain Jack, congratulations, you’re the winner of the third Roctoberfest event! I look forward to creating a story about you, as well as awarding you two capital ship BPCs.


And of course, as soon as I post this, I see a pending comment in my inbox from one Nathan Carver, also with some epic deeds, and some epic proof! Well done, Nathan!

Since I’ve already announced the winner unfortunately, I can’t reneg on that, so in this instance, there is going to be two winners!

Since I can’t provide additional BPCs, I can only provide a story for each of our winners; I hope that will suffice.

6 responses to “#Roctoberfest Event the Third Winner

  1. Congratulations, Jack and Nathan!

    Please send me an in-game mail, stating which BPC you would like to receive, and to which hi-sec system you would like them delivered.

    …continguous hi-sec, so don’t get any smart ideas 🙂

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