#Roctoberfest Event the Final

As the month continues on, we have time for one last event. I’ve noticed a fairly low response to the events thus far, which is saddening, but I also understand why: there have been many challenges presented that not all may be comfortable with. I get it.

Let’s change things up.


This event will be about me, naturally, but should be far easier for everyone to participate in.

Share your favourite memory of Roc Wieler, whether ingame or out.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Again, it can be a funny moment, a sad moment, a life changing moment, a serious moment, anything you wish.

You may provide one entry by Friday October 28th, 11 PM EST.


For this last event, I will be donating something very special to me: my original Republic Fleet Firetail. This ship has seen much combat, been through wars, and lived to tell the tale. While it may not have much appeal to many, it is a strong part of my history, and is filled with memories. More than anything, the Renegade is a collectible to be proudly displayed by whomever wins this final event.

7 responses to “#Roctoberfest Event the Final

  1. You inspired me to break a writer’s block that I had been fighting for years, and by starting me up with your first contest I took part in, the random submissions I made, and the e-mail exchange we had inspired me and by then encouraging me to start my own blog, I haven’t had trouble writing since.

  2. For me it’s setting the 21 day challenge.. That gave me the spark I needed to turn my physical self into what I wanted, which also meant I improved my self-discipline.

    Definitely a life changing memory and I thank you for it.

    Other memories? When you decided to send me a TRX for completing the said 21 day challenge, my Day 0 post, the mention on starfleet comms and even calling me (and the others) out in today’s Roll Call post. Basically giving me the inspiration to start, and carry on, working towards a healthier me.

  3. i listen to your music a lot (at work, at a game, in a car), it is so good and inspirational that it never gets old.

    Even though i do not write or compose music, i keep reading your (Roc’s) blog whenever you have something new to say. Keep it up please and remember whatever happens in life, it will work out for the best. Trust me, I know.

  4. there are too many to list. so I will go with the most recent, it was your roll call post.

    I asked you to help keep me publicly accountable and you did just that, by calling me out publicly when I started to slip. with everything that had been going on I was starting to slide back into depression and becoming a hermit again.

    You reminded me of the positive changes I had started to make in my life and made me remember why it was so vitally important that I keep it up and not let the bullshit life throws at me stop the progress i’ve made.

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