Roctober Fitness Challenge – Day 11

Ok, we’re one third of the way done our first thirty days of working out. We should still be a little sore, our muscles still adjusting to this kind of intensity level, but it shouldn’t be as bad as it was.

Hopefully by now you’re looking forward to the next twenty days, hungry to push your body further. You may already be seeing changes in yourself, motivating you to strive for more.

Let’s not keep you waiting.

Circuit 1:
Scorpion Pushups – 20 reps
widegrip pushups – arms as far apart as possible – to fail
leg extensions – 20,12,8
jump squats – to fail

Circuit 2:
pushups – to fail
squat thrusts – 20 reps
side lunges – 10 per leg

Circuit 3:
close grip pushups – to fail
plank ups – to fail
jump squats – to fail
one leg squats – 10 per leg
jumping jacks – 1 minute

Circuit 4:
wall handstand military pushups – to fail
knee tuck jumps – 10 reps
static lunges with lateral shoulder raise – 10 reps each leg
reverse crunches – 10 reps
hanging abs with twist – 10 each side

Circuit 5:
30 second sprints (perform 5 over 5 minutes) – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 12 mph men, 9 mph women

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