Pod Goo – The Mulligan – YC 113 Review

“I just don’t wanna gush, telling him about the emotional response his music gives.” – Ender Black

I have to confess, I’ve never listened to the Pod Goo podcast before, and when I looked at the two hour and twenty eight minute length of The Mulligan episode, I trembled slightly with fear. I’ve always felt Eve podcasts were far too long to remain entertaining. Ender Black has proven me wrong.

Granted, it could be partially due to the fact that he spent so long talking with Katia Sae about YC 113, and overall, they had good things to say. I found myself smiling a lot. I don’t care who you are, when you put a lot of hard work into something, it’s nice to hear that effort appreciated. And not just “Yeah, it was good.”, but some very insightful, very astute and qualified observations surrounding their reasoning for enjoying the album; they even picked up on some of the small “easter eggs” I put into each of my albums. Few do.

Of course, there were some questions left unanswered. Let’s change that.

“In a way, I’m glad he’s never chosen to be interviewed on Pod Goo. My history of Roc sucks, and I’m lazy.” – Ender Black

I appreciate that Ender thinks I choose these things. I’m fortunate and privileged to be asked for any interview. The reason I’ve never been on the pod goo podcast is simple; I’ve never been asked.

“I really think he nailed it with each of the faction tracks, the hammer on anvil showing the industrious nature of the Caldari State; the Gallente Federation track did for me what the Cantina song did for Star Wars.” – Ender Black

“But did you notice that while all three other faction tracks were around one minute long, including his own Minmatar track, the Amarr track, the sworn enemy of his people, was just over three minutes long? I wonder if that was intentional?” – Katia Sae

Katia, you’ve made me smile again darlin. It actually was purposeful. Whilst the Amarr are to be hated, and I do, I have found myself starting to understand the spiritual aspects of life more as I grow older. It’s a bit of a hypocrisy for me really, as my hatred of the Amarr runs deep, but I appreciate their complexity a little more than I used to. I felt the need to explore this through the track, which resulted in a longer track.

There was also another sneaky reason for it. Some people think I’m an Amarr spy. I figured if I made the Amarr tracks the most epic, the longest, the most emotionally¬†provocative, that I could just continue to feed that flame.

“Haunting strings, and a beautiful female voice, which I think is synthesized.” – Ender Black

As Katia mentioned, Aura is real. I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with a beautifully gifted woman throughout all my albums. She is the voice of New Eden. She is Aura. She is real. For me, and perhaps me alone, when Aura sings it is always to my heart as though New Eden herself is singing.

“I have to say, if I was to say there were any bad tracks, it would be the finales. Spoiler Alert: they are rap songs, and I simply couldn’t understand the lyrics.” – Ender Black

  1. You’re too old
  2. It’s like a signature kind of thing honestly. I did the same in Bio, my first Eve inspired soundtrack. Once again, Katia is completely right (girl knows her Roc history). To me, the finale is the end credits, and I actually called it that in Bio. It’s just the black screen with the names rolling up it. I like to do something completely different from the main score for this as it keeps it lively and also gives me a chance to explore a different genre I may not be too familiar with. For Bio, this was rock music. It was such a well received track that it inspired the entire One Night of Roc album.

“I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to any of Roc Wheeler’s other albums.” – Ender Black

I highly recommend you buy my other albums. You seem to enjoy emotional responses, and I’m all about ripping them out raw.

Also, it’s Wieler, not Wheeler. Like the dog.

Thanks for mentioning YC 113 on your podcast.

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