Fanfest 2012: Roc Roundtable

One of my followers mentioned on Twitter recently that “CCP should have a Roc panel at the next Fanfest!”. Now of course I agree, how could I not, yet at the same time, after giving it some real thought, I realize that while the ladies would love an hour with me, and that would be educational for the men, an entire hour devoted to myself just wouldn’t be fair to others; there’s only so much Roc that can be handled at once after all.

It did get me to thinking though.

What if there were a Eve Celebrity panel? What if players like CrazyKinux, Kirith Kodachi, Roc Wieler, Chribba, The Mittani, Shae Tiann, and others were asked to participate in a round table or panel on the topic of “Making Eve Real”?

I mean CCP is all about how Eve is Real, right? So why not have players inspire and motivate players? Why not have the bloggers, the artists, the tool makers, the site hosters, the infamous scammers, and the rest of the virtual celebrities sit down and have an open heart to heart with interested players?

How could that possibly be a bad thing for CCP?

The truth is that it couldn’t be. If anything, it’s brilliant marketing. Imagine the publicity of players living the game so vividly that others simply feel compelled to up their game? I’m not just talking roleplay here, I’m talking meta-gaming in its highest form: life imitating art.

We all know how my transformation has been, partly inspired by the character of Roc Wieler, and I know the stories of some others, but do you know them all?

What compelled CK to create and manage the Eve Blog Pack for so long? What made Rixx Javix take it over? What makes Roc and Rixx do artwork? Or music? Or what compelled the Clear Skies series? I’m sure there are snippets around the internet, but imagine the impact of these stories when combined into one epic presentation.

I think a Virtual Celebrity Panel is an excellent idea.

Do you? What kinds of things would you want to see in that type of panel/roundtable? Who would you want to be there? What kinds of topics would you like addressed?

Let me know in the comments below. If I get enough of a response I will actually harass my contacts at CCP repeatedly until we either get this idea considered, or they tell me never to contact them again.

6 responses to “Fanfest 2012: Roc Roundtable

  1. If you go ahead with this, when you’re on stage I’m so throwing my pants at you. And I mean that it the slightly-soiled British sense.

    I planned to do this during your StevieSG interview last Fanfest, but I got the time wrong and just ended up looking foolish. Which I’m sure I wouldn’t have had my plan worked.

  2. I personally think that is an excellent idea Roc. Having players getting to meet the players which are the driving force behind the, pardon the term, legends of EVE. And it is indeed a brilliant from the marketing sense, as it humanizes the characters in game, thus giving a more realistic aspect to CCP’s “EVE is Real” campaign.

  3. And there in lies the problem. Who decides who is a celebrity and who is just a loudmouth? Is notoriety the same as fame?

    It is a great idea and I do think we can agree on some of the A-list folks easily.

    Me, I am listed in the credits as ‘second tall Canadian’


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