Bio: FREE on

Sometimes the title says it all.

Bio, my very first EVE themed music composition, is now available at Groove Shark for your listening enjoyment.

Why would I do this?

Bio was an epic instrumental journey that was very personal to me; it was the exploration of Roc Wieler as a character, his role within New Eden, and also of myself, as a musician, an artist, a player. There was much trepidation when I released Bio: was it any good, would the players like it, was there even an audience for this type of thing? Much to my relief and astonishment, players, devs, and non-players alike received Bio with open ear drums, and I was, and am, thankful for that.

That continued support kept me moving forward, with both the composition and production of One Night of Roc and Mendre, both of which were also huge successes for me with fans.

My fourth release, YC 113, another epic soundtrack with over 1.5 hours of music, is being released around the world on October 1st. I’ve never been more excited, and terrified.

Regardless, I always like to give back to my fans, and this is one more way of doing so. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your fanmail, your respect and admiration, your love. I appreciate you.

7 responses to “Bio: FREE on

  1. Loved the music, a little surprised because I did not know you were a musician, just read some of your posts because of EvE Online. Where can i buy it?


    I heard your interview on Starfleet Comms and decided to look at your site. I look forward to more of your future posts on everything!

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