OOC: That is my wife

My wife is an amazing wife. Why you may ask? Well, let me tell you one realization I had today; bright and early this morning in fact, as I listened to my body and instead of going for my daily 5km run, stretched out my sore and aching muscles instead.

My wife is selfless, even at the expense of her lasting happiness.

Oh sure, anyone that knows her knew that already, but this morning it hit me like a wall at 40 mph, that she is simply the most appreciative person for the things she has. She truly is humble and grateful for the numerous blessings in her life.

For example, I’ve been very focused on my health: exercising like a crazy person 3x per day, eating 6x per day, working a full time job, running a fitness bootcamp weekly, yet still making time for games, hobbies, blogging, artwork, music production, etc. My life is all about one person; me.

It makes me sound like a horrible husband really; a self-absorbed bastard. Where does my wondrous wife fit into all of this?

Tragically, on initial self-reflection, it would appear she doesn’t. My heart knows that’s not true. I love her deeply and committedly. Isn’t that enough?

Yes, we share a bed. In fact, I understand now why she is adamant about that. Before I thought her refusal to sleep elsewhere when I’m ill, snoring, tossing, turning and the like was because she’s a big sissy and gets scared easy by the sounds of our house. But it’s not. It’s because she clings and demands, not letting go, to every precious second she can have with me, even if it’s to just stare at me while I lay there sawing logs, recovering from all that was my day.

That is my wife.

I’m exhausted when I come home. We rarely get to eat dinner together anymore. She’s busy with her life. I’m busy with mine. She commented just last weekend how nice it was that we got to enjoy a meal together, and only upon that comment did I realize we hadn’t shared a dinner in over a month.

That is my wife.

We don’t get to talk about our days much. I’m too tired.
We don’t get to spend time with family much. I’m too tired.
No walks, no chats, no cafes, no new adventures. I’m too tired.
Hell with the level of activity going on in my life, I can’t even perform my husbandly duties. I’m too tired. Can’t believe I said that one out loud.

Yet still she loves me without limit.

That is my wife.

In the long run, this can’t be healthy for our marriage. In the long run, I’m failing us. Failing to keep up my end of the agreement. And usually, it’s my wife that has to remind me of this. This time, however, I’m figuring it out for myself, maybe for the first time. She hasn’t said a word. All she’s been is quiet and supportive.

That is my wife.

And I wouldn’t trade her for anything, so I guess it’s time for me to continue to shift priorities, make more time for her, and continue to grow into the man I hope to one day be, because of all she is, and all she deserves from this life.

Thankfully our two year anniversary is this coming weekend, so I’ve been given a perfect opportunity to flex my muscle and do something wonderful for the most wonderful person I know.

That is my wife.

Ironically, this started out as an email to her, to let her know why I appreciate her today (I like to tell her one new thing I appreciate about her each and every day), but as the words formed and continue to fill the digital page, I knew in my heart that the world, or at least the little portion of it that visits my blog, needed to know of the incredible woman I am lucky enough to stand beside and say:

That is my wife.

14 responses to “OOC: That is my wife

  1. Treasure that woman. Also, being in a committed relationship is a perfectly valid reason to prioritize down time with her at the expense of working out or gaming. You sound like a pretty focused, intense fellow, and it would go a long way to demonstrate with actions that you prefer her over hobbies.

    I, personally, dedicate one date night a week out with her, and never (almost) ever sit immediately down at the computer after the evening routine anymore. I always sit down with her and catch up on the days activities first.


  2. Best ever! Had a big smile on my face when read this. You are your rockin awesome wife are amazing and don’t know what I would do without the both of you. xo

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