A little housekeeping

Even immortal life has a way of keeping you occupied constantly. There are just never enough hours in a day to get done everything you want to do. As such, I’m taking these few moments to catch up on a couple of important things:

Caption Contest #3 Results

Only a few entries for the contest this time round, but those that did enter made me laugh. The one that made me laugh the most profoundly was from Max Ursa. See the image below.

As I mentioned, the prize was going to be subjective. Max has won himself 100 million isk, which I will deposit into his account shortly. Congratulations Max, and thanks to everyone that participated.

21 Day Challenge Results

I’d also like to thank everyone that participated in the TRX 21 day challenge. Not everyone used a TRX, but there were a few that would not be swayed from the daunting task of being intensely active for 21 days straight!

A big shout out goes to Harlon Mathuin, who with great dedication, reported his daily activities, his personal triumphs and struggles, and his overall impression of his journey. He had this to say:

Final day, got very hot and humid today so working out was quite a bit more difficult than usual. But I got it done.
21 days in a row, challenge complete.
I think I’ve changed a lot over the last 21 days, mentally and (mostly) physically.. but all for the better. Body wise I’m not quite where I want to be yet… but I’m a fair way towards it so I’m damned if I’m giving up now. Fitness is a way of life/ state of mind right?
Thanks for the challenge Roc, it’s done me a hell of a lot of good.

21 days to change a life. That’s a win in my books. In fact, I’m so impressed with Harlon’s dedication, that I’m buying him a TRX! Email me your mailing address at roc@rocwieler.com please.

Look forward to more interesting and hopefully creative ideas and challenges in the future, only on Roc’s Ramblings.

10 responses to “A little housekeeping

        • For some reason I can’t reply to your last post. I capitalised the incorrect word in my first post so I know that it should have been “Well, you’re”

          My post at 11:10 was referring to the fact that the image had been updated to “Well, YOUR locked in YOU’RE quarters”. I thought you had done that as a joke.

          I can see it’s been corrected now.

    • Woo! 2nd caption contest iv won!
      The mis-spell was due to my man thumbs on my iPhone screen.

      Also, harlon and I are brothers. Epic that we are both on the same blog post

  1. Holy Crap, a TRX! Thanks man.

    Sent you my address, I’ll put it to good use.

    Oh yeah, took my first day off from exercise on the sunday just gone. Spent most of it looking forward to Monday’s work. You’ve created a monster :p

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