Caption Contest #3

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good caption contest here.


Create a funny dialogue for this scene. You may enter more than once. Contest will run from the date of this post to Friday Jul 1, 11 PM EST. A winner will be announced Monday Jul 4.


There will be a single prize for this contest. It’s a mystery prize! (That means depending on how many people participate and how much effort it looks like people put into it, I will put up a better prize)

10 responses to “Caption Contest #3

  1. First bubble on left “So, Your Roc Wieler”
    Roc’s Bubble “Yes I am”
    Second bubble on left “I thought you would be bigger”
    Buble on right “Yeah, me too”

  2. Girl on the left: “Let’s watch AT IX!”
    Second bubble: “Final match is about to start”
    Roc: “I’d rather give you ladies some quality time with Roc”
    Girl on the right: “Let me turn on the webcam then, I bet we can beat AT IX’s viewers”

  3. Top left: “Roc, I think I’m pregnant”
    Roc: “But we used a condom!”
    Bottom left: “I know…”
    Bottom right: “Your in rust I trust attitude shouldn’t apply to prophylactics”

  4. Top left: CQ Sucks balls!!
    Middle: Agreed
    Bottom left: Lets quit Eve!!
    Bottom right: YAY, no more stupid station walking!

  5. Bubble 1 (LHS women): you finally have 2 women in your CQ’s and you only have a single roc’ hard bed
    Bubble 2: babe, it took me 9 months of game time just to get my cool t-shirt
    Bubble 3 (RHS women): I went to fan fest and all I got was this t-shirt
    Bubble 4 (LHS women): well with this dump gets a bar you owe me a drink…

  6. Roc: where’d you two come from?
    Left: well your locked in your quarters feeling lonely.
    Your hand is in your pants…
    Right: your imagination did the rest.

  7. Roc: Feels like being caught between a Roc and a hard…
    Left Woman1: Shut it Roc.
    Left Woman2: First you are in between us…
    Right Woman: Second, you are not hard…

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