OOC: Incarna 1.0 Video Walkthrough Tutorial

I know Incarna 1.0 is only the first iteration of the Incarna expansion. I can also tell you its the last for a long while.

How’s that Roc?

Oh, well using the handy Tri-Exporter tool that allows one to browse and extract 3D assets from the game legitimately, I’ve discovered that the only completed assets are Minmatar.

By completed I mean that only Minmatar has a full set of models and textures. Offhand, I’d say Caldari is next, as it has the most untextured models, then Gallente, then Amarr last. This is strictly based on the assets I’m currently seeing ingame.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.

There are many players that have been enjoying the New Player Experience (NPE) quite extensively, which is fantastic! There are also many players having difficulty figuring out all the controls for Incarna: walking, emoting, interacting with objects, posing, sleeping, smiling, etc, etc.

This video tutorial will demonstrate to you how to get the most out of Incarna 1.0. Enjoy!

13 responses to “OOC: Incarna 1.0 Video Walkthrough Tutorial

  1. u did it again, Roc! LOL! thats pretty much what I did the other EVEning … as I couldnt control my avatar the way I’d expected it 😀 I’m just glad they did not take away the Undock Button, otherwise I’d be stuck in station …

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