Dear Roc

I enjoy the EVE community: the drama, the politics, the laughs, the moments of bonding and victory. We have a great community and I am proud to be a member of it. I receive many fan mails, sometimes about Capsuleer, sometimes about my music or art, sometimes for my recipes and workout tips, sometimes just to say keep doing what I’m doing, and I appreciate them all.

Other times, I get some not so pleasant fan mail, but ironically, I appreciate these too. I don’t mind constructive criticism; it helps me grow and improve. And sometimes, I just need a good laugh.

Dear Roc,

As a MMA fighter, I have to question your “Never start a fight you can win.” rule. I never start a fight I CAN’T win, which is to say, that I know my opponent, I have complete confidence in myself, and maintain such a level of focus that there is no situation I cannot win. I feel your rule will only set people up to fail.

With respect,

Easy tiger. (see what I did there?)
You’re actually misreading the point. They are one in the same. The idea of that rule is to promote people to push themselves beyond their limits. By doing so they will come to realize there is actually nothing they can’t accomplish. As their confidence level rises, they too, like you, will possess the confidence to win every fight.

Dear Roc,
Your blog is shit. You don’t know shit. You’re probably a 40 year old fat, bald guy living in his mom’s basement whose never even been to a gym or touched a girl.

Not a Fan

Yeah, you’re probably right. Oh, my bad, I thought we were talking about you there for a moment.

Dear Roc,
I’m confused. What’s the deal with you and Mynxee? I know Mynxee is really Carole, and that you’re really Marcus, and that you’re both married, but she lives in the US and you live in Canada. Are you married to each other? It’s hard to tell from both of your blogs. I know Mynxee and Roc have some kind of on again, off again relationship, but what’s the deal? I found you on Facebook, and Google searched both of your real names, but I can’t fill in the blanks. It really makes me angry to the point where I punch walls because I don’t think you deserve Mynxee or Carole. My therapist says I’m overreacting to a situation without knowing the facts first. Is he right?

Much love,

Seriously. Creepy. Truth be told, I’m really CCP_Fallout. Mynxee, Roc, Carole, Marcus are all extensions of my multiple personality disorder. I’m also gay, so you’re not my type, sorry. Please forward any further correspondence on this topic to my CCP email address. Thank you.

Dear Roc,
Loving the workout tips! As an ISSA certified trainer though, I have to disagree with your approach. You shouldn’t be forcing your clients to puke or pass out. That is not healthy, and you’re only going to get yourself sued, if you haven’t already. You need to nurture your clients slowly, working with them for years, making sure they grow in a healthy way they can maintain. It’s obvious you’re new to the training game.

Good luck,
Florida Fit

Hello sunny Florida! Thanks for the email. I don’t actually force anyone to puke or pass out; it’s more of a motto like Livestrong’s “Pick a Fight”, or Ice Gear Fitness’ “Get Fit or Die Trying.” I don’t really think either of those companies mean it in the obvious context, so thanks for using your noodle on that one. The reason I say “push it til you puke”, or mention to clients that the worst that can happen when they pass out is they nap for a few seconds is to help them get over the fears of pushing themselves. In my limited experience (you’re right, I’m new), I have noticed that many people hold back; they don’t want to push themselves to the point of exertion, which I have found is when real growth happens.

As to training people slowly over years, I find that business type mentality disappointing already in the fitness industry. Firstly, I don’t charge clients. I want to share and enable them to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives without me. To that end, I will only train a client for one year. If they haven’t progressed and learned what they need to in order to sustain that healthy lifestyle, I’ve failed them.

I know, it’s not what the modern day fitness industry is about, but it’s what I’m about, and it seems to be working.

Dear Roc,
I saw you in CrazyKinux’s Fanfest pictures. You don’t look anything like Roc. You look like some egotistical fat nerd that thinks he’s the shit. Get a life.

Yours sarcastically,

Thank you for your comment, anonymous ePeen poster #58764. Isn’t the safe anonymity of the internet enabling? Had you actually been at Fanfest (save up your allowance this year), you might’ve had the chance to talk to me. Had you done that, you might’ve come to realize that Roc is an egotistical sycophant, but the real me is actually a somewhat decent guy. I met many players and had a fantastic time doing so. So please, man up, post with your real name (or at least something remotely creative), and evaluate people based on your own direct interactions with them. I mean seriously, have you ever read a book with a fictional lead character and insulted the fictional character? One, that would be weird. Two, the character wouldn’t care. See where I’m going with this?

Dear Roc,
You’re a racist, sexist liar. You objectify women though you pretend to be sensitive and understanding. You are a horrible role model and I wish you would stop pretending to be something for people to aspire to.

Liberated Woman

I understand and sympathize with your anger. I’m sorry I left you sleeping without saying goodbye; that was rude of me. I would’ve made you breakfast, but to be honest, you weren’t that good.

9 responses to “Dear Roc

  1. Roc,

    Sometimes I read through your blog and wonder why I keep it on my list.

    And then there’s posts like this, and I wonder how I got through the day without you.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  2. I fucking hate you and I’m not anonymous. Come at me bro.

    I’m just kidding, I love reading hatemail responses. Moar like this please

  3. Roc Rocks!!
    and so does Marcus!

    And I’m not afraid to admit a little bromance.

    Long time reader, first time poster. (hope it wasn’t too creepy)

    Disclaimer: poster donated to capsuleer and voted for Roc

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