Tyrannis: The Field

– by Nomzi Nomnialli


Lush blonde hair blew in waves as she stared across the field of pale blue grass.  Everywhere she could see sprouts of flowers, all colors and blazingly bright in the sun.  Hers was a planet untouched by ruin, a planet of aching beauty.  A planet taken for granted.

She recalled the tale of how they came to be here centuries ago.  A people who sought to live closer to God and nature her father told her.  We who rejected dominance and the pursuit of war in the hopes of living a more pure life.  Over time they lost touch with technology, but they were no Luddites, no in fact they used high technology to ensure balance with their beautiful homeworld.  As she sat in the soft grass watching the trees swaying in the breeze, the deep green sea out further, the soft pastel walls of the village, could any place in this universe be better.  She smiled as she saw him coming from the village towards her, he was a vision to her, the one she hoped to someday marry.  At only fifteen they were both too young yet for such talk but that didn’t stop them from stealing away for time together when they could find it.  Laying in the grass as the sun went by, as the moon and stars went by, as life proceeded ever forward in bliss, her hands slid through his hair and dreams of the future filled her.


There were only a few small towns of her people so most knew of each other, if not knowing each other.  It was important to them and a deeply felt part of their spirituality that they all care for each other and the world around them.  So it was strange the day the elected Governor of all their villages came to hers with some documents from offworld.  Despite having long ago given up space travel and pursuit of war her people were not dullards and knew full well they were not alone in the universe and that others passed in the heavens above them.

Papers from the Amarr Empire it was said.  Amarr was pursuing a peaceful resolution for the obtaining of certain minerals from deeper in the planet.  As children of God they sought to find a way to obtain them and maintain the locals way of life in the process.  There was much debate over the subject, while no one here pursued riches, they knew trading in a few goods from offworld would definitely help them.  But they also knew the warning and desires of their founders, that they reject contact with those offworld, that they live in true balance with their world.  No one could read the papers but the Governor and he continuously assured everyone that it was all in order, that they would hardly notice the presence of any offworlders or their machinery.  Days became weeks but in time all the elders of all the villages had signed the papers.


The day was marked out on the calendar, everyone knew when it was to be and everyone waited with trepidation and excitement at what it may bring.  Offworlders coming here to their planet.  She hoped it would be as promised and she would never even know they were here.  Going about the chores of the day her eyes drifted up towards the sky again and again until at last she saw the firey jets of a ship coming down to the surface.  They were here.

She moved to the landing ground along with so many others and felt her heart beating as she saw the smooth armored curves of gold.  The ship was truly spectacular and it was opening, doors slid to the side as a ramp came to the ground.  A woman in robes of white and gold strode out with a cadre of armored men to her sides.  If ever she had seen an authority figure this was her, the womans face was stern and her eyes steel, power seemed to radiate from her as she raised her hand and spoke to them.  “Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed by God, your assistance to the glorious Empire will not be forgotten.  Perhaps in time you will rewin your freedom as noted in the documents.”

The Amarr woman motioned to the Governor of her people and he walked up to her handing her the papers signed by her elders.  The Governor turned towards them his eyes filled with tears as he mouthed the words forgive me before turning and entering the golden ship.  She watched all this frozen in shock, what was happening exactly she wondered.  Where was the Governor going, why did the lady say rewin her freedom, she was already free.  It did not take long for her to learn the answers to those and other questions.  The men in armor and bristling with weapons were upon her people and it was over quickly.


Her fingers slid through his hair the same as always only this time there was no grass and there was no more life left in him.  Eyes burning with tears she looked across the field at the charred ground from so many landings, at the skeletons of dead trees, at the blackened walls of her village.  Only a year earlier she lay here with her love dreaming of the future but never did she think her future would come to anything like this.  It would not be long before they saw her love was dead and they drug his corpse off.  What point was there left in living for her now.

She mouthed the words of her peoples founders as she stood and opened her arms towards the heavily armed guards across the field.  “Who will have the strength to live as a protector, who will have the wisdom to understand the beauty of life, and who will have the heart to live as one with God and to respect his creation.”  Her vision blurred from the hot tears as she heard shots ring out.

She once again saw the blue grass, the colorful flowers and her love walking towards her.

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