Tyrannis: Data Analyzer

– by Agraemas

Diary Entry: TDCFU +14

Finally, I feel I can write down what happened the day concord fucked up. If for no other reason, than to begin a testament to the lives lost. The dreams crushed. Entire societies that were devastated.

For thousands of years, Concord held us safe. Some said the Capsuleers were programmed when they went thru their conversion processes, others believed them to be honorable gods, immortal, too far above the daily concerns of a planet, while others, simply hid, fearful of ever causing them to take notice of us. As we found out, they were programmed, and why Concord changed the programming modules, none of us know. We have felt the repercussions of the action for some time now, and we will never be the same again.

I remember the day. So clear. So vivid. Burned in my mind like the afterimage of a bolt of lightning in the dark. Sitting with my wife under a small tree, enjoying the sitting sun, holding hands. Our two children, Muriatta and Ametae, happily playing down by the pond, in the southwest section of our small farm. As we gazed into the setting sun, a low, rumbling hum could be heard. With puzzled looks, we squinted our eyes, and gazed towards the west, into the fading light, and slowly we discerned several small jets of flame, from the landing carriage of a large spacecraft, descending thru the sky. Gradually, it became a defining roar, and too late did we realize it’s path.

Shrieking with fear, my wife ran towards our daughters. It took her precious moments to locate them, they had hidden in the underbrush from the defining roar. I looked on, frozen in shock. Pleading to all the gods I knew of, and any others who might listen, to help them. With a suddenness born by the hundreds of tonnes that made up the spacecraft, it crashed down upon the land near the pond. Killing my family with a coldness that could not be imagined. I ran screaming towards the craft, ready to rip it bolt from bolt with my bare hands in my rage. Inside I knew I could do nothing, but when we rage, we lose sight of all that is reasonable, yes?

When I finally approached the craft, I started beating my loss and frustration out on the side of it. After a while, when the tears of pain started to dry on my face, I saw a display panel at eye level a few meters away. I shifted to the left to get a better view of it. It said simply, in a flashing amber colored text “Survey drone Epsilon 4592. Unmanned Mineral Analysis Device. Analyzing Data…”

It was a fucking data analyzer…

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