Tyrannis: A New Hope

– by Hortaka

Death has been the ultimate equalizer. One day that changed. No one can remember when it happened. These new gods die and are reborn with a regularity like that of a child losing interest in a toy. Moving between the stars in behemoth collections of steel and nano-fiber with star fire plasma burning inside magnetically stabilized hearts. Seeing the wonders of the galaxy from distant worlds untouched by human kind to fissures in space time. The only constant is that each trip out could end in being re-birthed from a metal womb. Death only an inconvenience.

For the rest of us who toil and struggle to survive on these distant worlds in New Eden these immortal creatures only come up in stories of some grand battle in the remote voids of space. The thousands of worlds we occupy are territory to be conquered and claimed. The capsuleers are like dragons of old, mythic creatures of terrifying power that only impact us peasants when they grow bored with their piles of treasure. Their world and ours, separate universes.

One day that changed. I remember it well. Living on this desolate rocky world that only supports life through the use of atmospheric water collectors and hydroponic domes, has made all of us survivors. Each day is a harsh struggle to maintain a balance of our food production, energy harvesting, and wishes and hopes for the next generation born into our struggle. As tough as life is, I endure, we endure, together.

When they came, the capsuleers, it was almost as if everyone on the planet held their breathe at the same time. Everything stopped as we all crowded to the observation decks and portholes to see these immortal creatures descend from the bleak sky. Their ships ripping red hot streaks in the heavens. All of us watching gripped with the fear and awe of the appearance of a god into our meager lives. Hoping that this new deity brings some compassion to this world greatly in need of new hope.


Our fears are greatly relived after our the initial parley with the capsuleeer. We learned that though she may be an immortal being without the fear of death, she has a shrewd business nature and promises to bring our world a new purpose. Even though her plans seem to be beyond any of our imagination, the gears of progress are turning. A new mine and ore reprocessing facility are under construction. My career experience on this world have qualified me to be a foreman during the construction of the new space port. This new industry bringing enormous wealth and benefit to our world. Now my youngest son is starting to tell me how he wishes to be a capsuleer one day and fly his own battleship. Even my own heart soars to think that I might have the chance to visit a neighboring star system on a vacation.

The work has been difficult, as we’re expected to keep to a rigorous schedule to make the quick deadline to start operations. The visitor has given this world a new life and new meaning. We are now able to import some of the things we struggled to collect and even some things which are pure luxury. The holo-reels from across the galaxy have been eye opening and I’ve even been able to acquire a few bottle of some spiced wine through the new black market. At the end of each day I’m still tired, maybe even more tired than before but, now it’s different. I know that tomorrow will be the beginning of a new era. An era of productivity, of profit, of possibility.

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