Tyrannis: Worlds Collide

– by AmarrDacil

–Tash-Murkon Prime 5 Moon 1; Tash-Murkon Family Bureau–

Toridor Khiknizi sat down on his chair and observed the room and its contents around him.

He knew that what he was doing now, would be happening thousand fold in the systems and constellations surrounding the Tash-Murkons. Sitting across from him were all the high family members of the richest family in the empire.

All the people gathered here, were taking care of the fact that the message he was about to broadcast through the system would arrive on the planets themselves.

‘’Today’’ he said, beckons the dawn of a new era, ‘’whether it will cost us dearly, or bring about a new era of prosperity for the Amarr people will have to be seen!’’

‘’All we know now, that the lives and souls of the planet dwellers, have fallen into the hands of ruthless corporations, consuming alliances, and usurping coalitions.’’

‘’As the Immortals take place amongst the weaker, as the so called ‘’human gods’’ descend down to earth, they will probably rip it apart in search of materials to fuel their endless war-machine.’’

‘’But I bid you, citizens of the Tash-Murkon Family Estate!, as you behold me now, grasp all the courage in your hearts, and pull through this might-be dark age, for it will bring unheard wealth to most of us!’’

–Tash Murkon Prime IV; Capital Nóron’k–

Life was easy, and lovely on the temperate planet surface of Tash-Murkon IV, often abbreviated as TM4 or just named the same as its capital, Nóron’k.

Usually farmers would come into the city, sitting upon carts laden with vegetables and the sort.

But not today…

Argus Phi moved through the crowds rioting across the street from the government building.

Although the majority of citizens were very strict in the ways of the Amarr he heard words, long forbidden by the Theology council. They were very angry about the CONCORD release of the capsuleer planet –ban and would not allow anyone to tell them it was for the best.

Suddenly the Holoscreen across the street turned on, and the not so pretty visage of a certain Taridor Khiknizi showed up, everybody of course, knew Taridor Khiknizi.

For he was the highest in rank public relations agent in the system. It was he who commanded hoards of capsuleers to do as he bids.

When he started talking, everything fell silent, and when he was finished everything stayed silent, for the next minute or so.

Argus Phi had not spent his youth on this planet, he was originally an Caldari citizen, but losing his interest in the state, he moved to a rather independent world of TM4, and that.. the independency, made TM4 a place, where the shock could be felt very dearly, As if worlds collided, he suddenly felt scared, people with the power and finances to rule multiple systems, were about to take control of this rich planet, the question was not, what would happen to the planet, because that was obvious, (it would be sucked dry of all resources ), but what would happen to its people, would they have mercy on their souls?

Now that the mob had heard, that even one of their greatest leaders had accepted his faith, they subsided, pulling back towards their houses. They all looked lost.

The man had stated to grasp your inner courage and live through it, it was rather like somebody had taken this worlds soul, and it’s people’s with it, and crushed it into oblivion.

He looked upon the face of an old man, he had known all his life, a gramps that always sat in front of his local video store, and fed the biologically engineered doves there vigorously, all the fire had left his eyes, he looked like he was about to die.

Argus realized, that the despair in the people’s hearts was not caused by the fact that their government had abandoned them, it was the sharp and painful reality that whatever happened, they could not change the fact that they had lost their freedom

Either way, they would not take a flight to the next planet, because this was happening everywhere, he shrugged, otherwise TM3 would’ve proven interesting, there was no point in leaving, there was also no point in fighting, because these capsuleers commanded hundreds and thousands of ships guns, and for that matter clones. What could they do to keep the capsuleers away? Nothing… he thought, nothing… will work.

Tash-Murkon Prime IV; Capital Nóron’k

The next day, everybody was awakened by a loud thud, the ground itself, seemed about to crumble, as people ran out of their houses in panic, they noticed that in front of the government building was now standing a building the size of a skyscraper, It had a big 54 painted on one of the sides, and what seemed to be a launch platform for rockets in the back.

Argus wondered what purpose it had, for he already knew that it was a capsuleers work, and instinctively turned to the main holoscreen in the middle of the square

The Holo-screen turned on, and a hooded man strode into the light, ‘’Good Morning!’’ he cackled, ‘’haha, dear subjects, today is your salvation, for Bratalasia will take care of you, yes… yes….’’

Argus eyes widened, this man was manic, talking about himself in third person, and laughing like that, who was he?!

‘’As of now, my dears, Bratalasia will take care of you, and if you don’t listen to Bratalasia dears, ooh we’re gonna’ have so much fun, and you’re gonna’ work for me and my friends, and if you don’t work for me, ooh, this is gonna’ be so great! Haha’’ another manic laughter.

Argus looked around, children looked scared, like they were watching a horror movie, but then he looked to their parents, and knew they would not find comfort there.

‘’Bratalasia will take great care of you my dears’’, he cackled again, ‘’always, you people have enslaved my race, but now, hihi, I will take my rightful place amongst you, and now you will kiss Bratalasia’s feet!’’ ha!’’

‘’And I will show you, what a real god is capable of!!’’ he screamed. Ending his sentence with a manic laughter so wicked, it stunned everybody around Argus.

Argus thought: truly, the high government will not tolerate such tyranny? Will they not help a people bending under such wickedness.

Where is god now he asked himself, where is Ammar or any god now to help us?

He was very surprised to hear Bratalasia in his head even:’’ Your GOD is visible right in front of YOU!’’

Your working schedules will follow shortly!

‘’glorification of the awakening of gods, by Kacer Xenro,the book uncovered by a certain Argus Phi,
Although he did not find what he was looking for in the archives, he has made a statement to the people of New Eden, that Gods will only move to fulfill their own dreams, and so the efforts of worshippers become worthless to the worshippers themselves.’’

Page 21 line 4: ‘’The chains keeping the sleeping god in place shatter, the deity falls from heavens, only to ascend to greater heights. ‘’

Page 21 line 17: ‘’But is a god, a god, when not worshipped?, asks the immortal of himself, and comes to the conclusion, that a deity is only holy when viewed as such by the people directly surrounding it.’’

Page 22 line 23:’’The fallen entity bends his genius brain to this world, how can I make this people superior, how can I make this race ,my race, which has become inferior to me ,superior to all BUT me.’’

Page 26 line 2:’’They will only gain knowledge by exercising its principles, and so I will give them this knowledge, but in return I will be seen and awed at again, will be worshipped, I shall be god again to all!’’

-Kacer Xenro-
‘’The God Awakens’’- ‘’Amarr High Theology Counsel Archive’’
Holy text uncovered from the age of reinvention.

DAY 5->After the declaration made by CONCORD and the planets being overtaken by the capsuleers, Piety in the Ammar Empire has dropped considerably, The Caldari states people are in complete revolt, the Gallentean worlds lose their beauty one by one, and the Minmatar fall into disorder.

DAY 6->CONCORD tries to call the capsuleers to a hold, even willing to revoke the declaration, but are stopped by an extremist group of capuleers.

DAY 7-> The galaxy is entirely in the hands of the Capsuleers.

DAY 514-> The dust settles….

47 responses to “Tyrannis: Worlds Collide

  1. Please do not rate Worlds collide including this story in your opinion, as it is a whole different story set in the same enigmatic world,

    Argus Hortheüs Phi walked of the ramp of a fully fitted Mammoth class Industrial, walked around the corner of the ship and opened his mouth to say something, but closed his mouth instantly when he saw his captain was lying on the floor. next to the bleeding lump stood two men outfitted in a very heavy armor, skulls painted on ther shoulderpads, and carrying 20 mm semi automatic rifles.
    ”Sir, I need you to step back immediately, or we will arrest you”,one said in low muffled voice, speaking through his helmet-mic.
    When the other one added:”Get back to your ship”, he was completely baffled, these men had just shot his captain, and were now bidding him, (and every citizen of this station unlucky enough to gaze upon the horribly killed man) to keep out, and let them solve this.
    ”But… But.. This man is our captain, he was a good man, why and how was he killed?” Argus proclaimed. (and why did I not hear the shot? he asked of himself.)
    ”This man…” the taller of the two said, ”was assasinated on the order of lord Brialanuska, ruler of New Nóron’k”.
    ”and you just let that happen and came in afterwards to clean him up?!” Phi yelled.
    ”Sir I need you to go back to your ship, and I will follow shortly afterwards, and we shall speak about matters better undiscussed in the whereabtouts of might-be unwanted persons”

    end of part 1

  2. Soso Steven, je bent lekker bezig geweest =).
    Heb er even snel doorheen gelezen ivm weinig tijd. Exams are killing me^^. Maar het is zeker mooi geschreven, hier en daar heb ik het gevoel dat je wat veel van, eehm hoe noem je dat.. Persectief ofzo wisselt (hoe en door wie het verhaal wordt vertelt). Maar dit is alles behalve hinderlijk =).


    Ps; wie zijn die hersenloze idioten met het commentaar ”Neuken”? Ook lekker nuttenloos.

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