Advent Celebration – Dec 9th

I was quickly growing tired of all the stories, recipes, embarrassing memories, and general camaraderie of the season. It was all a facade.

By complete accident I got inbetween two small women fighting over the last of an item in a shop on the promenade. I honestly have never felt more threatened for my life than I did at that moment. I’m a short man, but a solid man, yet these women bounced me around like a rag doll. Christmas spirit indeed. Hmmph.

Still, I wasn’t ready to give up hope. I knew I was too cynical for my own good, and that I needed to grow as a person. Christmas was a perfect opportunity for that.

My therapist concurred. She would.

By the way, I ended up with the item the two women were fighting over. I won’t go into the details of it, but it did make my Christmas season a little merrier.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: Today’s task is super simple, and you may have some curiousity based on the Twitter logo in today’s blog banner. So let’s get to the point.

Today you will “follow” me on Twitter, and send a quick festive greeting to @RocWieler. That’s it. Told you it was simple, didn’t I.

Did I mention I will be copy/pasting ever Twitter comment for today’s task into the blog post? Yeah, I will, so make it memorable.

I will announce today’s winner at 10 PM EST.

Today’s winner is autumnn_aether! Congratulations! You will be co-hosting an upcoming Missions Collide podcast! Please email me at with your character name, and I will make sure to get you in touch with Song Li of Missions Collide!


R_Javorsky Merry Christmas, @RocWieler! Hope you don’t get too much coal. 😉

rwfloydjr @RocWieler Roc, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am sure that will involve many Amarr wrecks and bloodshed. 🙂

Jaggins_EVE @RocWieler Happy Yule!

Galen_Druid @RocWieler Happy Holidays my friend!!!  #tweetfleet @eveonline

kiithilurin Merry Christmas! @RocWieler ‘Tis the season to be jolly. May the halls ring with autocannon volley. 🙂

Jagerda @RocWieler Have a Merry Christmas! Hope your stocking is stuffed with many enemy pods.

kirithkodachi @RocWieler Happy Holidays to a fellow Canuck!

autumnn_aether @RocWieler Happy Festivus!

alaguspirate Festivus for the rest of us! RT @autumnn_aether: “@RocWieler Happy Festivus!”

lfxbones @RocWieler merry Xmas and happy new year enjoy this festive time

Paxeh @RocWieler Happy Holidays Roc! Maybe you can try to overload twitter with this Christmas cheer.

evepilot @RocWieler Merry Christmas Roc. May that lump of coal in your stocking refine into endless millions of trit.

WebSpaceships @RocWieler Merry Christmas to all, and to all some good fights

JamesSp RT @WebSpaceships: @RocWieler Merry Christmas to all, and to all some good fights.

wensley @RocWieler Enjoy the Amarrian festive season.

Rettic @RocWieler I’m so in the holiday spirit, I set you to “red”…festive colors! Meet me in Provi for shiny New Years fireworks. 🙂 #eveonline

Thorvik_EVE @RocWieler Merry Christmas may you finally catch up to the Amarrian Capsuleer Claus and pwn his sleighAgeddon

SawnAconite @RocWieler Merry Christmas Col Wieler. May the fat Amarrian in red bring you much spiced quafe and exotic dancers!

jorshan Happy Holidays @RocWieler. May the lights shine especially bright for you and yours this holiday season.

AMuleInEvE @rocwieler I hope u get 2 run around and blast away many of the Amarr, so many that it becomes like the ‘whack a mole’ game! Merry Christmas

ClydeJr @RocWieler May your holidays be bright and cheery, sorta like an exploding Amarr battleship #eveonline

TehMasterSword @RocWieler  Merry Christmas Roc! I know you will catch that evil “Santa” soon enough! Let that firms know what your autocannons can do!

Tygoka @RocWieler Heres hoping your stocking is stuffed with amarrian slaver killmails!

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