As most of you know by now, I’m not your typical, muscle atrophied capsuleer. By no means should I be considered a bodybuilder, but rather a retired military Colonel that continues to pursue the ideal of “functional muscle”.

I’ve taken up distance running these last few years, as well as other forms of intense exercise to combat the aging of this body. Thus far, that war has been a success despite my learning the following:

My right ear canal is oddly shaped.

It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, and it really isn’t in the grand scheme of things, but when you’re wearing headphones blaring the latest and greatest workout tunes, and your right headphone keeps falling off, it frustrating as hell. It ruins your rythmn, your productivity, your mood, your motivation. Such a simple thing with such a big impact.

It actually got to the point where I simply stopped listening to music during these intense routines, which of course led to boring and repetitive movement, and meditation during exercise only goes so far before my attention span waned.

That led to excuses as to why I couldn’t exercise on a particular day, at a particular time, blah, blah. We all make excuses.

I tried every sort of headphone you can think of: earbuds, over the ear, full headphones; and all of them either fail to stay in my ear or are so bulky as to be unusable during exercise.

Enter Yurbuds.

I was greeted by a slick website design, high quality photography, and an explanation as to why the company came into existence. Earbuds created by an athlete (marathon and triathalon, right up my alley) for athletes.

I read the explanation on the patented lock technology and was impressed.

The price was right, so I ordered the Ironman series Yurbuds.

At this point I’m starting to realize the internet hates me.

Once again, I had trouble with an ecommerce website. The irony infuriates me as I am a very tech savvy person, so maybe it’s karma screwing with me. Who knows?

Anyway, after several attempts I think I managed to order my headphones.

I downloaded their iPhone app, which actually will help you measure your ear for your custom pair of Yurbuds. It took another few tries, a few app crashes, and a few creative curses on my part, but it submitted, then wanted to place the order. Hell, I did things out of order.

So now I’m not sure if my order was successful despite the Order confirmation email I received, nor if my ear photo upload was successful for them to customize the ear piece for me.

So off to Twitter I go, messaging @Yurbuds about my concerns.

They responded within minutes and I provided my email address and order id. Not long after, they message me that they have found the order and escalated its priority, as well as passing on my comments regarding website issues.

Two days later, my Yurbuds arrive: a full set of headphones, an extra pair of Yurbuds, a slick carrying bag, and two inspirational trading cards, which are a great idea (Can you smell Roc inspiring trading cards next Fanfest?). Also included was a convenient quickstart guide.

This morning, I did my 5 km run at 5 AM, during a thunderstorm, Yurbuds in place. They were comfortable the entire time, not moving a millimeter. The sound quality was impeccable, yet still allowed me to hear everything else around me, which is a plus when your exercising outdoors.

For the price, this custom quality set of headphones can’t be beat for its designed purpose of enhancing your exercise experience.