The Pep Talk

“Motivation” Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Positivity. Encouragement. Inspiration. Support network. Motivational speaker. Coach. Mentor. Hero. Roc Wieler.

Nope. No. Not happening. You’ve missed the point completely.

I’m not here for you. I’ve never been here for you. That was never the intent. That was never the purpose. You’ve failed to understand these years of my writings.

Everything I have done, every word that has been typed, has been to remind me of who I am should dark times arise in my own journey. And they did. And they may again some day. And my own words helped. That’s the point.

Be there for yourself. Know how to. Depend on you. Believe in you.

Don’t rely on me. I’m not there. Friends, family, support groups are great, but when you’re alone, in the dark, in bed by yourself, it’s you that you have to deal with. Your own chattering mind. It won’t shut off. It won’t relent. It will punish you as much as you let it. And we all give it free reign for far too long.

What good am I then? What good is anyone?

Don’t get me wrong. I will give. I will give all that I am. Everything I am. To help you. To believe in you. To be there for you when you cannot take it any more. My broad shoulders are here to lean on. To wrap around you. To hold you if needed, to help you stand or simply to let you know you are not alone.

If you’ve ever believed in me, or if my example has helped you at a point in your life when you needed help, I am thankful for that great trust and faith you’ve put on me.

Yet you need to stand on your own to succeed. Nobody else will do it for you. Crying is not weakness. Failing it not pathetic. Being scared is the only way to show courage. Falling back before stepping forward is perfectly natural. It is only through darkness that we can clearly see the light. Step forward. Baby steps. Do what must be done. Deal.

So stop it. Stop making me responsible for you. I’m not. I won’t be.

Seize life by the throat and rip out as big a chunk as you can swallow.

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