Ride to the Rescue


My comm came alive less than an hour after our previous conversation. It would seem that the Angel Cartel was at least capable of making quick tactical decisions, something the Empires could learn from.

Abdiel Verat spoke. “I just discovered why that research team never arrived to pick up the goods you ferried: their labs are under siege by Guristas forces. I don’t know what the hell the Guristas think they’re going to achieve down here, but if we don’t quickly shut them down we risk them gaining a foothold.

This attack was fierce and well-coordinated. They managed to overwhelm our defenses. All of our other forces are either too far away to assist or on other important missions they can’t be diverted from. You’re our best shot. I want you to save that research station from the Guristas assault.

Good. I want you to send a clear message, Wieler. Let nobody survive.”

Well, that was an interesting development to say the least. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. The old adage of “When one door closes, a window opens” also worked in reverse. As I continued to make good standing with the Cartel, my reputation with the Guristas was surely about to decline.

Ah well, I thought to myself as I head Aura warp towards the coordinates Abdiel provided. If you can’t win their hearts with love, conquer their souls with terror.

As I excited warp, I could see the Angels were not in good shape. A moment later my comm pinged reiterating how dire the situation was for my new allies.

“The Guardian Angel forces need support. I’m hearing reports of a Guristas Commander on the field: Yukiro Demense. My people are saying he’s a capsuleer. Be careful, pilot, but make sure that bastard doesn’t leave here with his ship intact.” said Abdiel Verat.

Interesting. A feral grin crept across my face.

Moments later I had decimated their forces, this so-called “capsuleer” having warped away before engaging me directly. My first reaction was that he had reinforcements inbound, that I would get caught in a bubble, then an ambush, but Abdiel Verat put those paranoid notions to rest shortly thereafter.

“Good work cleaning off the remainders, but this ‘Demense’ issue will have to be dealt with. Open comms with me again when you’re ready to see to that.”

Maybe I had struck fear into their very souls after all.

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