Fight or Flight


A small house overlooking an ocean. The gentle breeze brushing across me as I close my eyes and feel the heat of the local system’s sun against me. No, two suns. It would make for a longer day, a better harvest. I could hear the waves crashing against the shore below. Turning around and opening my eyes, I could survey all the acres of my property. In the distance I could see her weeding our personal garden. She looked up at me just then and smiled, waving her hand. I waved back. I loved her so much.

I was pulled out of my daydreaming of a normal life by the sound of my comm beeping an incoming secure transmission over the Angel Cartel encryption frequency. Abdiel Verat hadn’t kept me waiting long.

“At the moment I have more work than I have people, so you need to choose how you want to proceed.

Obviously, the Sansha need to be cleared from our wormhole site. If you can prove yourself on this, chances are I’ll be able to request more assignments to give you. We have early reports of more problems abroad, so I’m sure we can keep you moving from target to target out there.

We also have a shipment of important research material that needs to make it to Serpentis hands. The Inquest scientists in charge of the operation have been delayed, and moving the goods is a high-priority task we need someone to take over. We may also require an investigation into the reasons for the delay at Serpentis’ end.

Both tasks need to be followed up. I don’t care what you choose; we’ll give one to you, and one to the next egger brave or stupid enough to show up down here.”

Part of me wanted to go back guns blazing to those Sansha. As far as I knew it was the one group that Stay Frosty wouldn’t do business with, but then again, I’d never asked so couldn’t be certain. It might be best to play it safe and do some investigative work instead of a straight up run’n’gun.

Either way, things were getting more interesting as I ingratiated myself with the Angel Cartel.

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