Eleventh Day of Christmas

And on the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Roc Wieler gave to me … a song that got stuck in my head all day and at first I hated it but after I kept listening to it a few more times I hated even more because I couldn’t stop singing it, but then someone said “Merry Christmas to you too” with a smile on their face and I suddenly understand and appreciated what he was trying to accomplish here.

santa2013With only one more day remaining it’s time to really up our holiday cheer! Please, let me know in the comments below if this one gets stuck in your head, or if it’s just me since I’ve already heard it a few dozen times.

The ELEVENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS is available for today only over at Soundcloud.

2 responses to “Eleventh Day of Christmas

  1. Sorry, it took me this long to catch up – but I now managed to listen to the set so far in one go. I don’t know yet if I’m going to sing #11 continuously; ask me again tomorrow 🙂

    I was tempted say a few things about the individual songs, and maybe will at some point, but I reconsidered. Right now the only important thing is that they brought a genuine smile to my face – and gods, I needed that. Thank you!

  2. Roc,

    I LOVE your SF mini album, and it’s in my car more often than many other CD’s, so I (and the wife too) was really excited about your christmas mini album.

    That said, RL has got in the way and I haven’t been able to catch all of the songs on the day they’ve been available to download. Will you be making them available again at some point, because the few I have managed to dl have been really good.

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