EVE Online in C4D – What happened to it?

maxonIt’s amazing how well received some of my initiatives become. When I first started doing the EVE Online in C4D video series, it was more to introduce people to the basics of working with EVE Assets in Cinema 4D. Then it exploded! Sure, it’s not reaching millions of views on YouTube, but I consistently receive questions, feedback, ideas, comments, both on YouTube and through other means regarding the project.The first four lessons were fun to make, and I was averaging between 1 – 2 weeks per lesson. Viewers love consistency!

Then I let it drop. At first, it was due to some poor timing. Then the excuses set in. Not being one to accept that, I got back to it and started on lesson 5. Then Odyssey happened and some things changed, much like things change with every update. Some of these things got me back in game to play. Other changes were on the 3D side making some of the lessons less valid.

I pressed onward!

The trouble then became my computer. The intro sequence I had diligently worked on for the series was very time consuming to update and re-render. I hadn’t really thought ahead and made it very modular. After several sporadic working sessions to rework it, I gave up and create a new logo sequence that is much easier to update and involves no re-rendering in 3D.

What does this all mean? It means that this coming weekend I will be posting the next lesson in the EVE Online in C4D series.

Lesson 105 – Submasks

Additionally, I’ve organized all the feedback I’v received since the beginning and started planning out additional lessons. Here’s a list, though not necessarily the order:

  • Placing and animating turrets using Expresso
  • Creating cube space environments
  • Lights, Engines, Action!
  • Turbulence FD and damaging ships
  • Nitro 4D Sparks plugin and EVE
  • Nitro 4D NitroBlast plugin and blowing up ships
  • 3D composition
  • Rendering Roc
  • Working with Unity/Crytek/Unreal
  • Volumetric and reactive nebula

As always, thank you for your continued support of my endeavours. I’m always happy to receive feedback and suggestions on the things I pursue. If you have any ideas for a lesson you’d like to see, drop me a line at roc@rocwieler.com.

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