20 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Lose-weight-fastMorning troops!

It’s time for another challenge, but don’t worry, this one is meant to challenge your mind, not your body! What?!?


Obesity is not a disease. It’s a first world issue. Diseases can affect anyone. In fact, I’ll prove it to you. Actually, and even better, you’re going to prove it to yourself. We’re going to spend the next 20 days, starting today, changing our way of thinking about first world food choices. Why today? Why not? Why wait for a special occasion or some other special date? It’s all an excuse.

Make the choice right now. If you choose to accept this challenge, keep reading. If not, well, obviously you’ve read this far for a reason, so suck it up buttercup and commit to the challenge.

All we’re going to do is change a few of our eating habits for the next 20 days and measure the results.

  • Weigh yourself every morning and track your weight/bodyfat and take photos of yourself every 5 days – It’s imperative to track your tangible stats and be accountable to at least yourself.
  • Do not drink soda – Drinking soda adds empty calories to your diet that can add to your waistline. If you have a 2 soda a day habit, that is the equivalent of 102,200 calories or approximately 30 lbs in a year.
  • Choose healthy low calorie snacks – When you find yourself getting hungry between meals, reach for something healthy like a nice green veggie  instead of cakes and cookies.
  • Portion control – Cutting back on the amount of food you are eating and monitoring the number of calories you are consuming is essential for weight loss. Believe it or not, you’ll probably end up with portions about half of what you are eating now, but more meals throughout the day.
  • Consume eight or more glasses of water daily – In order to cleanse the body of toxins and keep your digestive system functioning at peak capacity you need to drink lots of water. Not only does water cleanse our system, it can also help you cut back on calories because if drinking all throughout the day, it will help you stay full and help reduce the desire to snack. This calorie free beverage is the ideal replacement for high calorie and sweet drinks like soda.
  • Use the stairs – Many times we jump on the elevator without giving it a second thought. Next time, why not take the stairs. Taking the stairs may not be a high intensity workout but it will help you burn some additional calories. Simple little changes like this can have a long and lasting positive on your health and your waistline.

There will be limited results to this challenge. By limited, I mean that you will always have better results by combining nutrition with proper sleep and exercise, but I’ve always preached that nutrition is the single most important aspect of this trifecta. Now you will believe it too.
Want to try something new – here is the 24 day challenge bundle from Advocare.

11 responses to “20 Day Weight Loss Challenge

  1. I’m off of any serious workouts for the next 2-4 weeks from an injury. Sounds like a perfect time to refocus on nutrition. I’m in!

  2. Well, I’m a bit late, but I’ll join your 20 days challenge. Although my diet already is reasonably healthy. I’ll skip the BBQed steaks on the weekends & go for less beer, I guess.

    • I’ll be honest with you. I used to think I ate healthy as well until I tried these types of challenges. It was incredible how much room there was to clean up.

      Welcome aboard. Hope to see you check-in as we go.

      • Well, my usual eating habits look somewhat like this:

        Breakfast is a small bowl of fruit muesli & a banana or orange plus 2 10-minutes cooked eggs.
        Lunch: Depends. Usually something prepared the day before, like Sushi maki. (about 10)
        Dinner: Chicken, about 400g, with broccoli or some similar vegetables.

        Weekends are for sins (steaks!). And about two-three bottles of beer or two to three glasses of wine per evening. (Must yet find a way to stand EVE totally sober… ;))

        But like Robdahl here, I had a sport accident and at my age (39) they start to heal slower than they used to. 😉 So I can definitely use some tips and a challenge while I recover.

        • I’m 41 and sporting a rotator cuff that is taking its sweet time to heal and a neck strain that is almost debilitating. If it weren’t for Cellgevity, I’d be bed-ridden I feel sometimes.

          I’m assuming that was an example of a typical day, not every actual day, as your body needs things changed up. I did a post somewhere about ideal times of day to eat certain things and why, but here’s the short version:

          – morning = protein & carbs
          – afternoon = protein & healthy fat

          The tragic part of this is eating healthy five days per week then indulging two days per week actual nets a negative result.

          We all have ways to improve.

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