The New Home of the Banters

743580682_512It’s not here, and that’s ok.

I am thankful to Kirith Kodachi for taking on the role of Blog Banter custodian. I know he’ll do an incredibly good job of it.

As a side rant, am I the only WordPress blogger that simply cannot leave comments on some Blogger blogs? Seriously. Some of these blogs have the option for Name/URL so I can just put in my name and continue on. Others don’t have that option so I try using my WordPress credentials but it always fails. It’s infuriated me for well over a year. I’ve tried different machines, different browsers, all yielding the same result. It makes me feel crippled and selfish as I can’t do something as simple as leave a comment on Kirith’s blog directly so instead end up making a post of my own. I must appear so vain at times.

All I wanted to comment was:

Well, all my requirements for a custodian were met: a sexy, disturbed Canadian.

Well done, my friend.

I have every confidence in you.

Ok, rant off. There may be some of you concerned that I really wanted this and must be upset that I didn’t get chosen. No. When I stepped up on Twitter I did so because I knew without doubt that I was one of the most qualified to take over the Pack/Banters. My concern was that it didn’t go to someone that would simply drop the ball, or do something untowards regarding our collective legacy. I have enough on my plate, thank you. I was reluctant to add more. It’s simply a matter of doing what is right, of accepting duty and responsibility when needed. And there is still the Blog Pack proper that needs a custodian.

Kirith is not the type of man to let us down and also one of the most qualified, as he reminded me on Twitter:

@rocwieler Um, I’ve been blogging longer and my account’s older. Just sayin.

I look forward to being involved with the Blog Banters, and with Kirith, for a very long time.

And before I forget, thank you Stan, for everything.

4 responses to “The New Home of the Banters

  1. I turned off anomynous commenting years ago during a phase I was harassed but I’ll see what I can do now. THanks for the kind words.

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