Roc’s Rule #514

Ladies, if you get in an argument with a guy, and you have no chance of winning, start playing with your boobs. Trust me on this one.

3 responses to “Roc’s Rule #514

  1. where can I find this woman who is capable of realizing she can actually be on the wrong side of an argument you speak of?

  2. I knew this fem bartender once… always wore cutoff tops… you know, no sleeves and cut across the middle… or actually quite a bit higher, and never a bra… and if things got a little ‘tense’ (it bein a bar and all) she’d get your attention, a little cough or “Hey, need a beer?” and then you’ld notice her hand was not on the counter… but uh, higher… up… doing… things… and every guy in the bar just shut up…

    Then she’d grin and go back to her job… no one could ever remember what the argument was about after that…

    Best bartender ever… =]

    I wonder if that is reverse sexism? If so… I LIKE it!!

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