Meanwhile in Hevrice


The final leg of a twenty-three system journey.  To be honest, I was impressed and more than a little surprised that my Rifter made it. I had worked alongside such fine men and women of the Tribal Liberation Force that I had neglected the maintenance of my own personal ships. The deposit I made for my personal hangar would last many lifetimes, but since most of the last decade had been spent in the war, I had terminated the services of my mechanical contractor ages ago. 

Leaving the war behind me once again had affected me in more pronounced ways this time. It wasn’t just the war I had left. It was everything I had ever known as home. I had made the decision to leave the Republic partly as an excuse I think, if I am honest. I had become bitter and disillusioned a long time ago. The corruption of politics, the inaction and stagnation of governments, the apathy of the megacorporations – there was no place for a man of moral standing there. For me, things had always been black and white, right and wrong, yes and no. Grey was not acceptable. It showed weakness, the inability to make decisions, to stand behind your beliefs, to do what you say, to make a difference.


I had arrived at what would be my new life. It was only my third time entering Gallente space, and my first in Hevrice. A quick scan of local showed me none of my new corpmates were connected, but the Tuskers were lurking. I couldn’t have asked for a better stage upon which to introduce myself.

“Hello ladies. I’m here. Now tell me your other two wishes.” I broadcast into the local system channel.

After a few moments of silence, someone took the bait, as they always do. “Who you calling a lady?” some unnamed male pilot replied. I say unnamed not because he didn’t have a name, but because I couldn’t be bothered to remember it. The Tuskers were simply to be kills on my score card.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, darlin. I was just being friendly.” I replied evenly. Some inane and immature profanities were the response I received. I smiled. I had already won and not even been in system a full two minutes. This would be fun.

Several hours later, I was discussing with corpmates the best way to have my contingency of ships and gear hauled to Hevrice.

“Well, you could try Red Frog. They’re good, though pricey.” Draed said.

“Red Frog?” I asked, having never heard of them, but quickly having Aura look up this person/corporation. Ah. They were a transportation service based corporation. I quickly used their cost calculator to see what could be had only to discover they were limited to high security trips. That wouldn’t do. Dal was surrounded by lowsec systems.

“They’re a transportation corp. Very trustworthy.” Inanna replied. She was one I would be keeping my eye on, Inanna Kuvakei. She seemed sincere and was part of the corp, but I had experienced too much grief at the hands of Sansha Kuvakei, and her being exactly where I was going to be seemed too coincidental and I simply didn’t believe in coincidence.

“Won’t work.” I said. “Both ends lowsec.”

“You could try Fred Black.” Draed said.

“Who?” a few of us asked in unison.

“Black Frog.” Draed repeated. “They do the lowsec runs but are a little more expensive.”

“Ah, so ask for Fred?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Draed answered. “I’m sure they have several points of contact. Any one of them will do.”

“So, Fred Frog then.” I replied. “Why does it matter that he’s black?”

“What? He’s not black. I mean, he might be. I don’t know.” Draed stammered. “Who the fuck is Fred?”

“You mentioned Fred, and that he was black. I’m just trying to make sense of you.” I smirked to myself.

I was going to fit in just fine in this corporation.

Fly strong. Stay frosty. o7

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