Stay Frosty Mini-Album

Rixx Javix is a good man. Let me start with that. I’m not going to comment on all the drama between him and the Tuskers, but obviously I think enough of the man that I have left the Minmatar Republic, left the Tribal Liberation Force, left my entire way of life behind to stand with him and fight for what is right. That should speak volumes towards the character of Rixx.



Today, CCP releases the Odyssey expansion. It’s about exploration, something I understand well. I have explored the character of Roc Wieler through music over the years and leaving his staunch, rigid, good guy way of military life was not an easy decision to make. I had to consider many things for his story. It had to ring true. There had to be reason for the move. To do this, I had to explore the Tuskers. I had to explore Rixx. I had to explore the impact Stay Frosty has already had on its members and on the game we all know and love.

The end product of these explorations is a FREE mini-album on my Soundcloud. You can download it HERE.

Stay Frosty.

10 responses to “Stay Frosty Mini-Album

  1. You out-did yourself my friend. The passion and self-reflection is clearly evident in the power behind these pieces. Well done. I’ve been listening all morning and it is truly inspiring.

    • Well at the risk of making you listen to it once again, I wonder if you saw my real goal here. Every track on that album, except for Hard as Roc, is meant to be YOUR journey, from your point of view.

      Thought I’d try thinking outside of myself for once.

        • Good luck on your new corp Rixx. I just back-read all of the posts on your site. Every once in a while I try to keep up with in game news even though I haven’t played in a few years (Jorshan – Industrialist). Shame what happened but I believe things happen for a reason and aren’t always evident. If your longetivity in game is any indication, you’ll do just fine.

          And good music as usual Roc. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. I have to listen to it again later, when I can fully pay attention – but musically so far I prefer “Hard as Roc” (sorry, Rixx).

    But always fascinating how people chose to explore characters and situations. I tend to write lots of :words: (a good chunk of which are yet unpublished), Roc makes concept albums.

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