I can almost guarantee if you give up now, you’ll give it another shot in a month. Maybe 14 days. Maybe even next week. But I know you want this, and you won’t stop until you get it. Why else would you be here reading this? Why else would you be getting up so early and forcing yourself to exercise? Why else would you ignore your screaming brain and stomach that try to betray your efforts?

It’s because even with all the hurt, all the frustration, all the doubt, you want this more than anything else you’ve ever attempted.

Don’t stop now. Don’t give up because of the pain. Don’t quit. Because when you start again, you’re going to look back and think “Why the hell didn’t I keep going?” It will be hard now, or it will still be hard later. That is how you get the results you crave.

You pick. Time is running out for you.

2 responses to “Quitting

  1. Woke up feeling motivated today. Felt like waking up from a numbing dream and suddenly feeling.
    Completed my CCP application and went for a much needed jog. Now to work out that diet plan i have been meaning to start – any ideas for useful resources?
    Demons, im not done with you yet!..

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