Refining my style

Evolution is a natural process. Our lives change and we either grow or die. Stagnation is not something I believe in. I’ve been working on some things – some EVE related, a few not. Hopefully they will materialize over the coming weeks and you’ll all get to be a part of my vision. I’m hoping it will be something we can grow together. 


One of the things I have been working on is refining my artistic style when it comes to 3D imagery. Why? I’m pretty satisfied with my artwork, though there’s always room for improvement. When I see the stuff that comes from T’Amber and EVE Outtakes, I shake my head and feel like a noob. They simply do beautiful artwork. I’ve spoken with both of them and learned much in the last little while. Here’s a couple of wallpapers I did last night:



For the longest time I’ve wanted to make a short film. I’d like to think I could be my own composer. I do enjoy soundtracks after all. I’ve attempted this a few times during this last year and always end up walking away in frustration as my outdated computer system dies in the process. Again, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned how to optimize my models, how to bake textures and environments, how to cache effects. All of these things have slowly improved the chances of a Roc Wieler short film actually happening. I’ve even looked at alternatives, like UDK, Crytek, etc. My entire career has been as a developer after all.

On that note, Have you seen Cinebox?

Yeah. Wow. That’s awesome. I am very familiar with timeline editors: Flash, After Effects, Cinema 4D … I’m really excited to get my hands on this.


You might also remember my first attempt at homemade motion capture in the Stayin Alive video I posted a while back.

Motion Capture has improved a lot since 2010 and has come down dramatically in price. Take a look at IPISOFT. At the high end, it’s $1000 and two kinect sensors and bam, mocap studio. I’ve been reviewing this product carefully and am convinced it will meet my need.


The biggest time sucker lately has been a passionate idea ingrained in me since meeting many of you during Fanfest. I’ve thought of a way to help us all meet our healthy living goals together, as EVE players, and as real people, in a way that is hopefully engaging. It’s slow going, and I’m going to need help, so not going to reveal any more on this quite yet.


My second biggest passion is the game we all love of course. I’ve been playing with JavaScript and webGL, which is really fun. Have you seen THIS (hint, use your scrollwheel to zoom in)? It’s basically an example of the kinds of things CCP is slowly making available to us. I love being a geek.

I’ve also been working on some mobile strategies, as well as refining a Dynamic Landscapes white paper, as well as actually logging in and enjoying the game every now and then.


I saved the best for last. My wife thinks I’m crazy. I’ve been on the go non-stop since Fanfest. Not a single evening to sit and relax. I’m like a madman. I want to change our universe. I want to improve people’s lives. I want to take Roc Wieler to the next level. She’s incredibly supportive of my insanity.

Babe, I love you for that.

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