Every now and then I receive an email, or a letter, or an instant message that truly moves me. Those are my favourite and most humbling moments in life.



I wanted to write and thank you for all the inspiration and motivation you’ve given me since I’ve started following your blog (going on a year and a half now). Self-motivation is something I’ve struggled with my entire life, but your advice and ass kicking attitude have helped me push myself harder than I ever have. I was never one for eating healthy and working out, and while I was never obese by any means (rather, I was one of the scrawniest people anyone knew), I did start to feel the effects of my unhealthy habits. I learned that no matter how quickly your body can burn through three bags of Doritos when you’re younger, it just can’t keep up that up forever. As I reached my late teens and early twenties, I could feel the effects on my body; irregular sleep, lowered sex drive, constant discomfort and upset stomach. I could feel the fat getting thicker on my body, even if others couldn’t see it. I could feel myself becoming emotionally unstable, which only further compounded a troubled history of depression and anger.

When I first found your blog, it made me angry. I felt like you were being arrogant and full of yourself. One day, and I can’t quite remember what provoked it, I decided to take on what you were preaching. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Through your constant pushing, shoving and motivation I have gained more than just a healthy body. I’ve gained a healthier mindset and a healthier outlook on life. Now, in the midst of a painful divorce (which came from a marriage made under my unhealthy and self-destructive lifestyle) and increased stress at work, I find myself handling life better than I ever have, and I have the motivation and inspiration you provided to thank for it.

I am by no means the biggest or baddest dude on the block, and I still have my days where I struggle, but my days of living a self-destructive and mired life are behind me. I have learned that a healthy body and a healthy mind are the two greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, if we’re willing. No one else can do that for us, and it is those who have the will and find the way that prevail in life.

From the bottom of my now much healthier heart,

And my response:

You’ve literally made me cry. Thank you for that. You’ve reminded me once again that what I do isn’t out of vanity despite what many may think but out of my deep desire to change people’s lives the way I have been fortunate enough to change mine.

I am so very proud of you. You’ve arrived. You get it. You must never let it go.

Please let me know if I can share your story on my blog as I know it would motivate others as it has motivated me. Thank you for being inspiring.

Fly strong.

There is nothing special about the message of living a healthy life. There is no unattainable prerequisite to begin. There is nothing I have done that anyone else couldn’t do. The only difference is I am doing it. So is Adainy.

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  1. Amazing! That is totally what it is all about 🙂 no better feeling than knowing you made a great impact on someone’s life and helped them so much. Yay Roc!

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